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BRAND LISTING - Rogaine Solution for Women (Minoxidil)
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Rogaine Solution for Women

Are you a woman with thinning hair and tired of inventing new hair styles to hide bare spots on your scalp? Rogaine Solution for Women is an over-the-counter product you can use to treat that hair loss.

Hair loss is a genetic condition called androgenic alopecia. Women may be more likely to develop androgenic alopecia after menopause, when female hormones are diminished. Instead of a receding hairline and total baldness that a man can experience due to androgenic alopecia, women’s hair usually becomes thinner or sparser around their entire scalp. Total baldness in women is rare. With androgenic alopecia, a type of male hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), binds to the receptors in the scalp hair follicles. The DHT causes shrinkage in the hair follicles, to the point where healthy hair cannot survive.

Rogaine Solution for Women will partially enlarge your hair follicles and reverse the shrinking process. The hair follicle enlargement will prolong the growth phase cycle of your hair, allowing your hair to grow longer and thicker.

Possible side effects from using Rogaine Solution for Women may include scalp dryness, irritation and itchiness, and in rare cases, unwanted facial hair.

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