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A-535 Pain Rub (Ice)

Arthritis is a painful condition that targets the joints. There are different forms of arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid, the most common forms. A-535 Pain Rub (Ice) is a quick-acting medicated gel that can provide relief from back aches, muscle strains/sprains, sore/stiff muscles, and arthritis pain.

An analgesic rub like A-535 Pain Rub (Ice) alleviates the amount of pain a person feels because when you apply this counterirritant product to the affected area, it provides a temporary cooling sensation. This cooling sensation diverts the attention of your brain, and the pain center in your brain becomes inundated by the different nerve signals it is receiving from the cooling sensation. Because of these different nerve signals, the pain center temporarily switches the signals off, and the body’s sensitivity is lessened, bringing you relief from your pain.

Before you buy A-535 Pain Rub (Ice) you should be aware of possible side effects. The active ingredients in this rub include camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil, and methyl salicylate. Most people can tolerate these ingredients, but if you are allergic to any of them, you should not apply A-535 Pain Rub (Ice). Some individuals may experience a mild burning sensation/redness after applying the product, but this should quickly pass.

If you experience irritation or a rash after applying A-535 Pain Rub (Ice), discontinue use. You should not apply A-535 Pain Rub (Ice) to a wound or damaged skin. If you show any signs of an allergic reaction like swelling around the face/throat, hives or difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical help.

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