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BRAND LISTING - Silver Nitrate Applicators
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
100 x 15cm

Silver Nitrate Applicators

Each Silver Nitrate Applicator contains 37.5 mg Silver Nitrate and 12.5mg Potassium Nitrate. When the tip is moistened with distilled water and applied to the intended area of skin, it works by removing or debriding calloused wound edges or hypergranulation tissue. By moistening the Silver Nitrate Applicator tip, a chemical reaction occurs that will burn skin, coagulate tissue, and cauterize small bleeding wounds.

Due to the chemical reaction of the Silver Nitrate Applicator, it will sting or burn if touched to healthy skin so be sure you know where to apply it. There may be a dark stain on the affected area where the silver nitrate has been applied, but it will wear off in time. For larger areas that you are cauterizing, you may need more than 1 Silver Nitrate Applicator. Keep out of children’s reach!

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