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Solaquin Forte 4% Cream is a Treatment for Dark Skin Patches

The active ingredient of Solaquin Forte 4% Cream is called Hydroquinone, a topical skin product that will help to even out your skin tone if noticeable dark patches are bothersome, this includes, freckles, age spots, and sun damaged skin which can cause a patchy brown pigmentation called melasma. Darker skinned individuals are more at risk for melasma than the fair skinned/haired population.

Many women can be at a higher risk for having melasma if they are taking birth control pills, on hormone therapy, take certain medications, or become pregnant. During pregnancy, your doctor may refer to the darker patches of skin as ‘the mask of pregnancy’, better known as chloasma. Once you have given birth or stopped the birth control pills or hormones, your skin tone should adjust back to your normal coloring.

How Solaquin Forte 4% Cream Works

When applied as directed to the intended area of skin to be lightened, Solaquin Forte 4% Cream or generic Hydroquinone will be absorbed into your skin cells and works to inhibit the activity of the enzyme required to make melanin, called tyrosine. This results in a decrease in the production of the melanin pigment granules (melasomes) while increasing its breakdown in your pigment cells. This is not a fast-acting treatment so you may not see any positive results for weeks or months and you must be persistent with your treatment. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Things You Can Do to Increase Your Chance of Success with Solaquin Forte 4% Cream

Regular applications of sunscreen can help minimize your risk of sun damage when outdoors. When applying Solaquin Forte 4% Cream, wait until it has absorbed into your skin and then apply the sunscreen and always wear a hat and protective clothing to guard against direct exposure. Check with a doctor to see if any medications you are taking or using can cause your skin to be more sensitive to UV rays as there may be different meds you can take that are less sensitizing. Melasma may run in your family so take precautions regarding sun exposure early on.

Before Applying Solaquin Forte 4% Cream

Discuss any medical conditions or allergies with your doctor and list all over the counter and prescription meds you currently take or use to be certain they will have no negative effects with using Hydroquinone. Once you buy Solaquin Forte 4% Cream and apply as directed,if there does not seem to be any improvement in the darkened skin patches after a couple of months, revisit the doctor for other possible options.

Precautions When Applying Solaquin Forte 4% Cream

Avoid applying Solaquin Forte 4% Cream on sunburned or chapped skin areas or if there are any open sores. Keep Solaquin Forte 4% Cream and all other meds out of the reach of children and do not share with anyone else. If you are pregnant, the dark skin patches should fade away after the birth but you can apply sunscreen to help minimize the risk of dark spots when outdoors.

Possible Side Effects of Solaquin Forte 4% Cream

  • Mild burning or stinging after application
  • Dry or peeling skin
  • Rash

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