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Solodyn ER (Minocycline)

Acne is a skin condition experienced by many, from mild to severe, and usually begins during puberty when hormones increase causing an over-production of oil called sebum that can plug up your pores. Solodyn ER is an extended release prescription taken orally that works as a bacteriostatic that interferes with bacterial growth but doesn’t actually kill them. Your immune system will finish them off and allow your blemishes to heal and reduce inflammation. Minocycline will not improve blackheads or whiteheads; it is only for red, pus-filled pimples and papules.

There are thousands of oil-producing glands on your body with the majority found on your face, chest, and upper back. During puberty this oil increases and can block your pores, along with dead skin cells, and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Discuss the side effects of Solodyn ER with your doctor and ask about drug interactions if you are taking other OTC or Rx medicine, including birth control and herbal or vitamin supplements. Certain drugs can affect the efficacy of others or cause unintended side effects. Solodyn ER may also make you more susceptible to sunburn when outdoors so use sun blocking agents and proper clothing. It’s very important that you take Solodyn ER as directed and for the amount of time specified because the bacteria can begin replicating again before they have all been killed.

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