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BRAND LISTING - Solu-Cortef (Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate)
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An Intravenous or Intramuscular Corticosteroid Injection

An injection of Solu-Cortef is usually administered into a vein or a muscle or as an intravenous drip by a healthcare professional in a hospital setting for quickly relieving inflammation from asthma, skin conditions, to stimulate appetite in cancer patients, or for treating or preventing allergic symptoms or reactions like anaphylaxis, to help replace your natural steroids if your adrenal glands are not working properly, and for autoimmune diseases when organs or connective tissues are under attack.

The Way Solu-Cortef Works

The active ingredient of Solu-Cortef is Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate and it is in powder form that a doctor or nurse will prepare before an injection is to be given into your vein or muscle or is administering through an intravenous drip. Once Solu-Cortef has entered your vein or muscle, it will stop the white blood cells from traveling to the area that is injured or affected and this action will reduce the inflammation. Cancer patients can find relief from the pain caused by swelling around tumors in the spine, brain, or bone. Solu-Cortef also alters your immune responses to certain diseases or conditions but may also make you more susceptible to other infections.

Autoimmune Disease Helped with Solu-Cortef

A faulty immune system is to blame for a majority of those with Addison’s disease. For some reason, your immune system begins to attack your adrenal cortex because it believes it to be a foreign intruder that may cause harm. The adrenal cortex is essential for producing cortisol, your stress-coping steroid. The cortex also produces another steroid called aldosterone that is in charge of regulating sodium levels in your blood. Without this regulation, blood pressure problems could occur. Solu-Cortef is not a cure for Addison’s disease, but can be part of your treatment.

Before Solu-Cortef is Administered

If you are able, tell your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding before you are given the Solu-Cortef injection. Advise the attending doctor/nurse of other medical conditions or allergies you have, and provide information about any over the counter and prescription drugs you currently take or use, including herbal, vitamin, or dietary supplements. This will help your doctor determine if Solu-Cortef is the right treatment for you.

What to be Aware of After an Injection of Solu-Cortef

Your inflammation should be reduced after being given Solu-Cortef, but be aware that your immune system will be suppressed as your white blood cells are inhibited as a result of this drug. If these injections are administered over any length of time, try to avoid crowded areas where you can come into contact with an assortment of germs. If you are a diabetic, monitor your blood glucose often as Solu-Cortef can raise blood sugar levels.

Possible Side Effects of Solu-Cortef

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Pain or redness at the injection site
  • Changes in your appetite

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