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Stop n Grow Nail Biting Deterrent

Are you a nail biter and want to stop having rough, jagged nails that look unsightly? Try Stop 'n Grow Nail Biting Deterrent. This is a brush-on OTC product that can help you grow out your nails and be proud to have healthy looking hands. From the very first application, STOP ‘n GROW will help you stop nail biting. The 2 bittering agents contained in STOP' n GROW produces a very bitter taste that will stop you biting your nails immediately.

Apply Stop 'n Grow Nail Biting Deterrent several times throughout your day for those times you just automatically put your finger in your mouth to start trimming. Within three weeks your nails will be longer and more attractive. STOP' n GROW is will power in a bottle. It's colorless and odorless, and is on guard should you have a notion to bite your nails.

Stop ‘n Grow Nail Biting Deterrent should not be used to stop thumb sucking in children under 5 years of age as it has 2 bitter agents. Talk to your doctor before using this or other similar products on older children to help them break the habit of sucking their thumb or fingers.

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