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Stressease Vitamin B Complex (Jamieson Brand)

Stressease is a combination of all 8 water soluble B vitamins, which work synergistically to enhance energy production and alleviate the effects of stress on your body. Due to vitamin B being water soluble, it is unable to be stored in your body so it must be replenished daily and some individuals could have problems doing this if they have kidney disease, diabetes, lupus, or celiac/Crohn’s disease.

Vitamin B3 in the form of Niacinamide to prevent "flushing" of the skin that often occurs when the niacin form of this vitamin is used. There is also the lipotropic factors, choline bitartrate and inositol to enhance the absorption of the B vitamins and support healthy liver function.

You should check with your pharmacist or physician prior to using Stressease Vitamin B Complex (Jamieson Brand) if you are also taking any antibiotics, aspirin, cortisone, oral contraceptives, or sulfa drugs as there may be drug interactions.

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