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BRAND LISTING - Stronghold Plus (Selamectin/Sarolaner)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
.5mL x 3 (30mg/5mg for Small Cats 2.5-5kg)
1mL x 3 (60mg/10mg for Medium Cats 5-10kg)


Worm and Parasite Control for Your Feline Friends

Even if you have not seen any fleas, ticks, roundworms, or mites on your cat, it does not mean the pet is insect, parasite, and worm-free. Indoor cats may have a reduced risk of any infestation, but you or other family members could be the source for bringing in fleas, ticks, and mites from the outdoors. Your feline will show signs of itching, scratching, shaking their head, and increased grooming to show you there could be a problem. Why take a chance when you can apply Stronghold Plus monthly to prevent fleas, ticks, ear mites, lice, heartworm disease, and roundworms.

How the Active Ingredients Work

The active ingredients of Stronghold Plus include Selamectin and Sarolaner. Selamectin is called a macrocyclic lactone that is effective against heartworm microfilariae (larva), several species of roundworm, lice, ear mites, and a few types of ticks. Once applied to your cat as directed, Selamectin works by binding to certain receptors in the worm and insect’s nerve cells . This causes paralysis from the influx of chloride ions and they are unable to feed or remain latched on to the pet’s intestines and will be expelled through the feces.

Sarolaner is a broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide that will take care of fleas, mites, and ticks. To do this, Sarolaner is absorbed rapidly through your cat’s skin cells and into the bloodstream where it becomes distributed through the entire body of your pet. When a flea, tick, or mite takes a bite, the active ingredient is ingested and neuronal signals are blocked. This results in paralysis and their death as they fall from the pet or are groomed off.

Before You Apply Stronghold Plus

Ask your vet if Stronghold Plus is safe to apply to breeding, pregnant, and nursing cats. Check for the age that kittens can be treated with Stronghold Plus. For adult cats, Stronghold Plus is available for different weight classes so be sure to weigh your pet before starting treatment. Keep Stronghold Plus and other pesticides and insecticides out of children’s reach. Remove any collars before applying Stronghold Plus as the contents will “wick” into the material.

Precautions When Using Stronghold Plus on Your Feline

Wash your hands after applying Stronghold Plus to reduce the risk of getting any of the product in your eyes or mouth. Once Stronghold Plus has been applied, be aware that you should not touch or pet the treated area. It is best to apply Stronghold Plus between the cats’ shoulder blades towards the base of the skull, this should prevent your cat from being able to groom that area until it has been fully absorbed. Do not give Stronghold Plus orally! It is applied topically to the pet’s skin.

Possible Side Effects of Stronghold Plus

  • Drooling
  • Minor hair loss at treatment site
  • Itching

If your cat begins to vomit, becomes lethargic or unsteady, call your veterinarian right away as this may be an allergic reaction or the cat has been able to lick at the product after application.

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