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Strongid P Paste Deworming Horses

Your veterinarian is the best source of information when it comes to the care of your larger animals, such as horses, ponies, foals, and donkeys. Regular deworming is essential for keeping your animals healthy and productive. Strongid P Paste or generic Pyrantel Pamoate belongs to the family of tetrahydropyrimidines and is a broad-spectrum medicine administered orally with a premeasured syringe, dosage depends on the weight of the animal your are deworming. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Which Worms are the Target of Strongid P Paste

When given as directed by your veterinarian, Strongid P Paste will treat and control infections of large and small adult redworms, pinworms, and ascarids (roundworms), which can be a threat to the developing immune systems of young horses and could trigger colic and possible death.

Tetrahydropyrimidines are able to imitate the activity of a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that triggers muscular contractions. This renders the worms unable to feed as they become paralyzed and die quickly because they are not able to store food for energy and must eat constantly to survive.

Before Deworming with Strongid P Paste

Ask your vet for advice about the frequency of deworming horses to be certain you are aware of all parasites they are susceptible to, including tapeworms and liver flukes, as Strongid P Paste only works to kill adult stages of redworms, pinworms, and ascarids. Strongid P Paste is safe for pregnant and nursing mares.

Fecal testing is the best way to customize an appropriate deworming regimen that will work according to your horse’s parasite burden and environment to be certain they will not be re-infected from grazing. Your vet can help you put together an effective worming schedule to keep your horses healthy year-round.

Important Things to Remember About Strongid P Paste

Having a good idea of the weight of the horse you are treating is essential for providing proper doses of Strongid P Paste or you will not be able to eliminate the parasites from the horse or herd successfully. Periodic fecal testing will determine which parasites you need to deworm for as Strongid P Paste only takes care of certain adult worms. Ask your vet about the best way to administer the medicine filled syringe into your horse’s mouth so there is no waste and a proper dosage will be given. Keep all medications out of children’s reach and away from other pets on your property.

Possible Side Effects of Strongid P Paste

There are no known adverse reactions with the use of Strongid P Paste. However, if reinfestation occurs rapidly after deworming, it may be due to insufficient dosage administered or a different dewormer is required to take care of the eggs and their larval stages. This is why a proper schedule should be put in place to make certain all bases are covered throughout the year.

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