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Buy Generic Strongid Paste for Horses Online

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Strongid Paste for Horses

Just like our dogs and cats, our horses can also be infected with parasites. To determine if you horse has a parasite infestation, you should look for the following symptoms: general lack of health, dull hair coat that does not shed, weight loss, poor hoof condition or frequent colic. There may also be a cough or nasal discharge, which may indicate roundworm migration.

If your horse does have a parasite, your vet may recommend Strongid P Paste, as it is stronger. You need to follow the medication instructions very carefully; the correct dosage is based on the weight of the horse. If you have to administer Pyrantel Pamoate generic or Strongid Paste to more than one horse, your veterinarian may advise that you not use the same syringe, unless both animals are healthy and are in constant contact with one another and not another horse or animal. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

An important warning concerning this medication is to avoid administration of this medication to horses that are slated to be slaughtered for use in food, as the medication can remain in the system and cause serious adverse reactions.

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