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BRAND LISTING - Suprax Oral Suspension (Cefixime)
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Versatile Antibacterial Drug-Suprax Oral Suspension

Suprax Oral Suspension is an antibacterial drug prescribed to treat infections in many different parts of your body, such as skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, chest, and urinary tract. The active ingredient of Suprax Oral Suspension is Cefixime, a member of the cephalosporin family and closely related to penicillin. This is prescribed for bacterial infections only and will not work for colds or flu. Suprax Oral Suspension is ideal for children and adults with a bacterial infection but have a difficult time swallowing pills or capsules.

Suprax Oral Suspension Works on Bacterial Cells

When taken as directed, Suprax Oral Suspension works by interfering with the bonds that hold the bacterial cell walls together. This action allows unwanted matter to enter the cell while the contents leak out. Without proper cell walls, the bacteria are unable to grow and multiply so they begin to die off.

It’s important that you take Suprax Oral Suspension for the time period specified by your doctor, even if you are feeling better, as some of the bacteria may survive and without Cefixime to ruin their cells, they are able to rebuild and flourish.

Conditions Treated by Suprax Oral Suspension

Staph infections caused by Staphylococcus bacteria are fairly common. The reason for this is these and many other types of bacteria live on our skin and in our body and, for the most part, mind their own business. The constant use of antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, and such, can kill the natural bacteria on our skin and we find ourselves with foreign bacteria that can find their way through a cut or sore and start an infection. If our immune system is suppressed at all, our body can be at the mercy of bacterial infections.

Before You Take Suprax Oral Suspension

Tell your doctor about any allergies and other medical conditions you have that could interfere with taking Suprax Oral Suspension. Provide your doctor with a list of current OTC and Rx medicine you take or use, including herbal preparations and vitamin supplements. Combining Suprax Oral Suspension with any of these may cause a negative reaction or change its efficacy. Ask your doctor if it is safe to take Suprax Oral Suspension while you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding.

Suprax Oral Suspension Precautions

Talk to your doctor before you take Suprax Oral Suspension if you have diabetes as it does contain sucrose. Until you know how your body will react to Suprax Oral Suspension, avoid driving or performing any task that could be considered dangerous if you are not fully alert. Ask your doctor if Suprax Oral Suspension may interfere with the effectiveness of your birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptives.

Possible Side Effects of Suprax Oral Suspension

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhea or loose stool
  • Dizziness
  • Gas
  • Headaches

Drugs Similar to Suprax Oral Suspension

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