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If you have chronic or severe dry eyes, you may benefit from treatment with Tear-Gel Corneal Protection Eye Gel. This over-the-counter medication contains polyacrylic acid; the acid solution provides a clear protective layer over the eye which lubricates the eyelid as it slides over the eyeball.

Doctors may recommend Tear-Gel Corneal Protection Eye Gel to patients who have severe dry eyes, or for those who will not be blinking often due to circumstances such as being under anesthesia or in a coma. Tear-Gel Corneal Protection Eye Gel is also useful for treating eye dryness due to medications or various medical conditions.

Tear-Gel Corneal Protection Eye Gel generally has very few side effects, but you may experience sticky eyelids, a mild burning sensation, or a slight blurring of vision. These side effects are temporary and should clear up as you continue treatment.

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