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BRAND LISTING - Tears Naturale Eye Drops (Dextran/Hypromellose)
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Tears Naturale Eye Drops

Dry eyes are a common problem for many individuals and it can occur for multiple reasons. We are constantly exposed to problem-causing elements, both outside and indoors. You may experience dry eyes for other reasons, such as side effects from a medication you are taking, or because you work on the computer all day. Some individuals may have blinking difficulties, less tear production, or too much evaporation of the eyeball, all of which can cause dry eye symptoms. If your eyes tear quite a bit, it can actually bring about dry eye symptoms.

If you are bothered by dry eyes, you can buy Tears Naturale Eye Drops, a non-prescription medication that contains Dextran and Hypromellose. Tears Naturale Eye Drops also contain a very gentle preservative called Polyquad. Once administered as directed, this combination of ingredients brings comfort to your dry eyes by effectively wetting them, and locking in moisture as it slows the evaporation of your tear film.

Tears Naturale Eye Drops is a very gentle medication for the eye that is well tolerated by most people. The active ingredients called Dextran/Hypromellose does not contain harsh preservatives, so you can use it even if your eyes are quite sensitive. Some mild side effects may be experienced, such as watery, red or itchy eyes, blurry vision, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, or mild eye irritation or burning.

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