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Buy Tears Naturale Forte Eye Drops Online

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BRAND LISTING - Tears Naturale Forte Eye Drops (Dextran 0.1%/Hypromellose 0.3%/Glycerin 0.2%)
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Tears Naturale Forte Eye Drops

Tears Naturale Forte Eye Drops is an over-the-counter ophthalmic solution similar to your natural tears that you can use to relieve dry eyes. These drops are formulated using a technology called Trisorb, which combines three active ingredients to maintain eye moisture and provide ongoing dry eye relief.

The active ingredients in Tears Naturale Forte Eye Drops are Dextran 0.1%, Hypromellose 0.3%, and Glycerin 0.2%. Tears Naturale Forte Eye Drops offer improved wettability, and slow down the evaporation of your tear film. Tears Naturale Forte Eye Drops also contains Polyquad, a gentle preservative.

Many factors can contribute to dry eyes. These factors can include sun or wind exposure, blinking difficulties, taking certain medications, computer use, reduced tear production, and excessive evaporation of the tear film. Even tearing due to crying and cold weather can dry out your eyes. Dry eye symptoms can include blurry vision, fatigued eyes, mucus in/around the eyes, sensitivity of your eyes to light, greater eye irritation from wind or smoke, eye burning, redness, stinging and scratchiness, extreme tearing, and feeling like something is in your eyes.

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