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BRAND LISTING - Temovate Scalp Solution (Clobetasol Propionate)
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Product description medically reviewed by Dr. Ami Patel, PharmD (March 10, 2020)

What is Temovate Scalp Solution?

Temovate Scalp Solution is a prescription topical medication that may be prescribed to people with scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis (also known as eczema), and other dermatoses of the scalp. It contains a strong corticosteroid, which is a type of medication used to relieve inflammation.

More specifically, when you apply Temovate Scalp Solution to your scalp, the corticosteroid reduces the activity of your immune system to inhibit the substances that cause inflammation. These substances include white blood cells that circulate in the bloodstream and are signaled as an immune response to injuries. When white blood cells and other chemicals rush to the affected area as protection, they can lead to painful inflammation and irritation. Temovate Scalp Solution decreases the production of the inflammatory chemicals, which offers relief from the pain and tenderness of red, itchy dermatoses on the scalp.

Due to the potency of Temovate Scalp Solution, your doctor may recommend you apply this medication for short periods of time or only when your psoriasis or eczema flares up. The generic alternative, Clobetasol Propionate, is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Drugs similar to Temovate Scalp Solution include:

Conditions treated by Temovate Scalp Solution

For severe scalp eczema, psoriasis, and other scalp conditions, Temovate Scalp Solution and Temovate generic can help control inflammation for short periods of time.

Psoriasis is a common autoimmune condition that has no cure. It speeds up the life cycle of skin cells, meaning skin cells pile up on the surface and raised patches form because the body cannot shed the old cells quick enough. A flare up can be triggered by certain drugs, stress, infections, or cold weather. There are several types of psoriasis, including the most common, plaque psoriasis.

Eczema is another skin condition that causes red, itchy, inflamed skin. It also has no cure. Eczema is most prevalent on the cheeks and chin in babies and children, but it can appear anywhere. It can be triggered by allergens, stress, and other irritants. While eczema is most common in children, adults can develop it as well (even if they never had it as a child). There are several types of eczema, including the most common, atopic dermatitis.

What to know before using Temovate Scalp Solution

  • Advise your doctor of other health conditions you have and provide a list of all current over-the-counter and prescription medications you use, including herbal and vitamin supplements.

  • Ask your doctor about the risks of using Temovate Scalp Solution if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

  • Tell your doctor or dentist you are using Temovate Scalp Solution if you are scheduled for any surgical or dental procedures, as your immune system is suppressed while on the medication.

  • Only apply Temovate Scalp Solution during flare ups and ask your doctor or pharmacist about a milder treatment for daily maintenance.

  • Only use this medication on the skin.

  • Be careful not to get it in your eyes, nose, mouth, or vagina. Do not apply to face, groin, or armpits.

  • Do not use it on areas with cuts, scrapes, or burns. If it does get on these areas, rinse immediately with water.

  • Let your doctor know if your conditions persist after treating your scalp with this medication.

Possible Temovate Scalp Solution side effects

As with all prescription drugs, there are potential side effects of Temovate Scalp Solution.

Some people may experience:

  • Burning or stinging after application

  • Itching at site of application

  • Redness or crusting around hair follicles

  • Acne

  • Temporary hair loss

  • Spider veins

  • High blood sugar
  • Slower growth in children

Temovate Scalp Solution FAQs

  • What is the proper dosage of Temovate Scalp Solution?

    Temovate Scalp Solution is typically applied twice daily. Ask your doctor to find out the exact amount you should use and how often to apply it.

  • How long should Temovate Scalp Solution be used?

    Because Temovate Solution and Clobetasol Propionate Topical Solution contain a very potent topical corticosteroid, they should only be used for a short period of time. Long-term application of this medication can cause serious side effects, such as thinning of the skin. Do not use for more than 2 weeks unless directed by your doctor.

  • How much does Temovate Scalp Solution cost?

    Temovate prices vary based on where you purchase your medications. Using a prescription obtained from your doctor, you can buy Temovate Scalp Solution online at You can also buy the generic version, Clobetasol Propionate Topical Solution, to save on the overall cost of the medication. While the non-active ingredients in the brand name and generic scalp solutions may be different, the active medicinal ingredient is the same and the Topical Clobetasol Propionate price will be lower.

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