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No prescription is required for this item.
No generic alternative is available at this time.
BRAND LISTING - Tempra Syrup (Acetaminophen)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
80mg/5mL Banana (2 - 6yrs)
80mg/5mL Cherry (2 - 6yrs)
160mg/5mL Cherry (4 - 10yrs)
Tempra Syrup is an over the counter Acetaminophen medication available for children aged 2-6 years (80mg/5ml) and for 4-10 years (160mg/5ml). Acetaminophen works as an analgesic and antipyretic; the first is a pain reliever that inhibits the production of chemicals in your brain that cause inflammation and swelling, while the 2nd works to reduce a fever as it acts in your hypothalamus to over-ride a signal to increase your temperature when an infection is detected by your immune system. Proper dosing with a marked syringe is essential to be certain your child is receiving the correct amount of Tempra Syrup. Keep all meds out of children’s reach.
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