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Tums Ultra Strength

Heartburn is a burning sensation that rises from the stomach to the chest area, caused by acid and regurgitated stomach contents backing up into the esophagus. Other symptoms can include a bitter taste in the mouth, a sour and upset stomach, and acid indigestion. Heartburn may occur more frequently after eating certain foods that cause excess stomach acid production. Heartburn relief is possible when you buy Tums Ultra Strength and take these chewable tablets as directed. The medicine will neutralize the stomach acid.

During pregnancy, a woman may experience heartburn to such a degree that it can be difficult for her to eat and drink. This may cause her to become deficient in the nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy. Besides pregnancy, heartburn can be triggered by other factors as well, such as obesity, diet, and a hiatal hernia. To ease the discomfort and occurrence of heartburn, you may want to make some lifestyle changes. These changes can include limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding eating large, fatty meals, eating smaller, regular meals at a slower pace, and avoiding eating foods that trigger heartburn.

Tums Ultra Strength provides fast relief from heartburn, with 1,000 mg of Calcium Carbonate per tablet – double the amount of Regular Strength Tums. Tums Ultra Strength can also be taken daily as directed as a calcium supplement. Calcium is an important nutrient that is needed to maintain bone density. Insufficient calcium is a contributing factor to osteoporosis, a disease that involves low bone mass and bone tissue deterioration.

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