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BRAND LISTING - Urelle (Methen/Ph-Sal/Hyos/NaPo4/Me-Bl)
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Urelle is comprised of several ingredients that work as an anti-infective, pain reliever, and antispasmodic medication to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs) and their symptoms. Methenamine and Methylene Blue work as an antiseptic to clear infection, while Phenyl Salicylate helps to relieve pain. Sodium Phosphate makes urine more acidic which, in turn, increases the effectiveness of Methenamine. And lastly, Hyoscyamine is as an antispasmodic to relax the muscle cramps and spasms that usually occur with a UTI.

We all have many kinds of bacteria that live on and in our body. Your urinary system, however, is different. Did you know that urine is sterile? UTIs seem to affect women more than the male population; apparently due to the shorter urethra. When bacteria, such as E. coli, accidently find its way into your urethra it will travel to your bladder where an infection can start. Don’t ignore the symptoms of painful and frequent urination, lower abdominal pain, and mild fever or chills

Ask your doctor about side effects you may experience when taking Urelle and report any that become persistent or worsen with continued use. Inform your doctor of any OTC or Rx drugs you are currently on, including herbal remedies and vitamin supplements that may interfere with how Urelle works or cause adverse reactions. It’s important to take Urelle as directed and for the time period prescribed to achieve the desired results.

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