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BRAND LISTING - Visine Contact Lens Eye Drops (Hypromellose 0.2%/Glycerin 0.2%)
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Visine Contact Lens Eye Drops

Contact lenses provide a convenience for millions of people but they can also cause problems. Soft contact lens wearers may experience dry, irritated eyes from prolonged use, working outside in windy conditions, working in an air conditioned office, or by spending the majority of your time working at a computer. Normally we blink approximately 16 times every minute, but long hours spent on a computer can reduce the amount of times we blink, causing them to dry out quickly and your eyes feel gritty and irritated.

Visine Contact Lens Eye Drops contains Hypromellose 0.2%/Glycerin 0.2%. Hypromellose is a semi synthetic chemical compound commonly used as an ophthalmic lubricant; Glycerin is a viscous liquid that provides lubrication as well. There is no need to remove your soft contact lens when instilling Visine Contact Lens Eye Drops, which you can do safely at your desk without missing a beat.

Hypromellose 0.2%/Glycerin 0.2% provides a cushioning and lubricating effect between your lens and eyelid and lens and cornea. You may feel stinging or burning when you instill Visine Contact Lens Eye Drops, and vision may be impaired temporarily. If these or other side effects become worse or persistent, contact your doctor or ophthalmologist.

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