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Buy Jamieson Vitamin B6 250mg Online

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All of the B vitamins are water-soluble so your body cannot store it. Eating a healthy and balanced diet would assure you that essential vitamins are being replenish daily. But are you? If you are not taking in enough of the B vitamins, and eat a high protein diet, you may have high homocysteine levels that could result in cardiovascular problems. Vitamin B6 250mg (Jamieson) helps regulate fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism so homocysteine can be broken down and used by your body.

Other reasons for high homocysteine levels may be caused by low thyroid hormones, kidney disease, psoriasis, certain medications you take, or this may run in your family. A simple blood test will tell your doctor if you need to start taking Vitamin B6 250mg.

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