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A prescription is required for this item.
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BRAND LISTING - Xylocaine Polyamp (Lidocaine)
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1% (50 x 10mL polyamp)


Xylocaine Polyamp Description

For pain relief or prevention, your doctor may suggest an injection with Xylocaine Polyamp administered just under the skin to block the pain sensation. Xylocaine Polyamp is a local anesthetic and is not injected into a vein to put you to sleep. Your dentist may also choose to use Xylocaine Polyamp to make you comfortable during certain procedures such as tooth extraction, fillings, and even for those with sensitive teeth during a cleaning. The injections of Xylocaine Polyamp are usually carried out in a clinic setting and administered by a trained health professional.

How Lidocaine Blocks the Pain Signal

Whether you have sustained an injury or your doctor is going to perform a minor dental or surgical procedure, nobody wants to feel pain. Your doctor may choose to inject Xylocaine Polyamp into a wound to provide long-lasting pain relief as you wake up from being put under to repair the injury.

Depending on the area that needs to be numb, an area of nerves or a single nerve will be ‘blocked’ at or near the intended site. The active ingredient called Lidocaine works to bind to channels that transport sodium to nerve endings. Without sodium, there is no electrical signal to build up and travel along nerve fibers to the brain that tells you something hurts.

Conditions Treated by Xylocaine Polyamp

Some individuals may not handle being put under with general anesthesia due to medical conditions, allergies, or simply do not like being unconscious if it can be helped and prefer a local anesthetic. Dentists can have a hard enough time working in such a small space as a mouth, especially when instruments are involved. It is sometimes preferable for the patient to be administered a Xylocaine Polyamp injection and be able to work quickly to do dental impressions, place braces, or fill a tooth without the patient gripping the chair or wincing in pain.

Before Xylocaine Polyamp is Administered

Ask your doctor if a local anesthetic with Xylocaine Polyamp poses any health risk if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Discuss other medical conditions or allergies with your doctor and list any current OTC or Rx drugs you take or use, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements as this can determine if Xylocaine Polyamp is safe for you.

Proper Use of Xylocaine Polyamp

Depending on how much Xylocaine Polyamp you received and where, once you are allowed home you must be cautious about not undertaking any tasks, such as drinking a hot beverage, lifting heavy objects, or playing sports, that could result in harming or re-injuring the treated area until the feeling has returned.

Possible Side Effects of Xylocaine Polyamp

  • Tingling at affected site
  • Throbbing sensation
  • Itching

Drugs Similar to Xylocaine Polyamp

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