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BRAND LISTING - Xylocaine Vials (Lidocaine)
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Xylocaine Vials Description

Xylocaine Vials contain Lidocaine, an injectible anesthetic administered by a medical professional to prevent pain during minor surgical or dental procedures. Patients are conscious and able to function and follow directions as permitted, depending on the procedure being performed, and Xylocaine Vials provide a long-lasting numbing effect after the procedure is complete.

How Lidocaine Works in Your Body

Once injected, Lidocaine alters the flow of sodium molecules into nerve cells via the cell membrane. This action blocks the pain impulses from transmitting messages to your brain so the procedure you are undergoing is not acknowledged as being painful. Xylocaine Vials also allow for a reduced blood loss during some medical or dental procedures.

Conditions Treated by Xylocaine Vials

You may receive a Lidocaine injection as an epidural or nerve block. Usually we think of epidurals as only being administered during labor so the birthing experience is less painful, but those with low back pain can also benefit from an epidural to numb the pain at its source. It is usually administered with a steroid drug to inhibit any inflammation.

In the emergency room, Xylocaine Vials may be administered as an antiarrhythmic drug for decreasing heart muscle sensitivity to electrical impulses to restore a regular rhythm in cases of a patient having a heart attack.

Before Xylocaine Vials are Administered

Ask your doctor if there are any risks to an injection of Xylocaine Vials if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Inform your doctor of any allergies or adverse reactions you may have to some anesthetics. Provide a medical history as you may require certain tests or dose adjustments if you have liver, heart, kidney, or coronary heart disease, or a history of malignant hyperthermia.

Advise your doctor of any current OTC and Rx drugs you are taking; this should include homeopathic remedies and vitamin supplements. Combining some medications with Lidocaine can affect how your body or the drug will react or can cause unwanted side effects.

Xylocaine Vials Precautions

Once your procedure is finished, the numbness can possibly last for several more hours, depending on the dosage, area affected, or the procedure that was performed. This helps with post-operative pain relief. However, you must be careful of not injuring yourself unknowingly as your sense of feeling is compromised.

Possible Side Effects of Xylocaine Vials

  • Red or flushed skin
  • Unusually warm skin
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Nausea
  • Mild bruising
  • Dizziness

Some side effects will differ, depending on the area Xylocaine Vials were used to numb.

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