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BRAND LISTING - Zaditen Eye Drops (also called Zaditor) (Ketotifen)
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ZADITEN EYE DROPS (also called Zaditor) (KETOTIFEN)

Why Zaditen Eye Drops are Prescribed

Zaditen Eye Drops (also called Zaditor) are for adults and children over 3 years old for treating the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, which include redness in both eyes, burning or itchiness of the eyes and eyelids, sensitivity to sunlight, and a watery discharge. Although there is no cure for the allergies that can set off conjunctivitis, the use of Zaditen Eye Drops will keep the symptoms under control.

How This Antihistamine Works to Reduce Symptoms

The active ingredient in Zaditen Eye Drops is an antihistamine called Ketotifen. When instilled into the affected eyes, Ketotifen is absorbed into the eyeballs and works to calm down the mast cells that are responsible, in part, for releasing chemicals in response to what is perceived as a threat. Threats could include pollen, pet dander, even some food additives. As the release of the chemicals is lessened, symptoms will fade and you can find some comfort without the inflammation and red, itchy eyes.

What is Conjunctivitis?

This is the inflammation of the layer of tissue that lines the inside of your eyelids as well as the white part of your eyeballs, called the conjunctiva. It’s job is to help protect your eyes from smoke, sunlight, wind and bacteria. Your eyelids and tears also help wash out and avoid things floating around in the air.

When an allergic reaction occurs, substances are signaled to help get rid of any threats. Your eyes water, the conjunctiva swells and becomes red as blood vessels dilate for an increased blood flow that carries white blood cells to start the healing process. Your eyes redden, become itchy and watery as histamine and other substances are sent as an immune response. Zaditen Eye Drops will reduce this action and bring relief.

Before You are Prescribed Zaditen Eye Drops

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or are breast feeding before using Zaditen Eye Drops to be certain it is safe to do so. Explain other medical conditions or allergies to your doctor and provide a list of current over the counter and Rx drug you take or use, including vitamin or herbal supplements. This will help your doctor to determine if you can also use Zaditen Eye Drops without adverse reactions.

Zaditen Eye Drops Precautions

Due to the temporary blurred vision after instilling Zaditen Eye Drops, so not drive or take part in any activity that may be considered unsafe if your sight is impaired. Children should be watched closely so they do not fall, trip, or walk into danger until sight is fully restored. Keep all medications out of children’s reach and never share with anyone else.

Possible Side Effects of Zaditen Eye Drops

  • Temporary burning or stinging
  • Eye irritation
  • Tiredness
  • Headache

Drugs Similar to Zaditen Eye Drops

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