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Buy Zincofax Diaper Rash Relief - Regular Online

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The main ingredient of Zincofax Diaper Rash Cream-Regular is zinc oxide (15%), with higher concentrations in the Extra Strength formula to quickly get rid of a painful rash. Zincofax Diaper Rash Cream-Regular can be applied daily as a preventive maneuver to avoid the risk of a rash. Frequent diaper changes followed with Zincofax Diaper Rash Cream assures your baby’s skin will be protected by a soft and soothing barrier to keep urine and feces away from baby’s bottom.

Indoors or outdoors, allow baby to go diaper-free when appropriate. Babies and toddlers love the experience of feeling fresh air on their skin. Regular bathing and diaper changes can also help prevent diaper rash with the help of Zincofax Diaper Rash Cream at night time when they are in a diaper for longer periods.

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