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BRAND LISTING - Zylet Ophthalmic Drops (Loteprednol/Tobramycin )
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Zylet Ophthalmic Drops Description

Zylet Ophthalmic Drops contain 2 active ingredients that may be prescribed to treat conditions that involve inflammation of the eyes and to treat or prevent bacterial eye infections. Together, these medications will help reduce inflammation of your eye and treat or prevent bacterial eye infections. Your doctor may recommend a prescription to buy Zylet Ophthalmic Drops if you have an infection of the cornea due to shingles (herpes zoster), allergic conjunctivitis, inflammation of the eye, or a scratch wound on the cornea.

Help to Reduce Inflammation and Stop Bacterial Growth

Zylet Ophthalmic Drops contains Loteprednol which is a corticosteroid and Tobramycin, an antibiotic. Loteprednol works by reducing the swelling, redness, and itching of your eye by inhibiting the production of inflammatory chemicals in your body that are signalled as an immune response. Tobramycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic that blocks the bacteria from producing an essential protein in bacterial cells, resulting in their death.

Uses for Zylet Ophthalmic Drops

Zylet Ophthalmic Drops are used to treat eye inflammation caused by surgery, infection, allergies, and other conditions. One of the more common types of eye infections that can be treated with Zylet Ophthalmic Drops is conjunctivitis. It may be from allergies caused by dust, pollen, or pet dander. Exposure to these allergens will cause your immune system to release chemicals to fight off the intruding offenders, which produce the swelling, redness, and itching.

If you have bacterial conjunctivitis due to common pyogenic bacteria (pus-producing), your eyes may feel gritty or irritated with a grey or yellowish discharge. Bacterial conjunctivitis is contagious and can be passed from person to person, so care must be taken to not share face cloths, make-up, or anything else that has been exposed to your eye area.

Before You Administer Zylet Ophthalmic Drops

Confirm the safety of instilling Zylet Ophthalmic Drops if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are breast feeding. Zylet Ophthalmic Drops is not effective in treating infections that are caused by viruses or fungi. If you wear contact lenses, they should be removed prior to application of Zylet Ophthalmic Drops and should be reinserted as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

Zylet Ophthalmic Drops Precautions

You should not use Zylet Ophthalmic Drops to treat infections that are not caused by bacteria. Zylet Ophthalmic Drops should not be used for longer than prescribed. Prolonged use of this corticosteroid medication may result in increased intraocular pressure with damage to the optic nerve or defects in vision.

Possible Side Effects of Zylet Ophthalmic Drops

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light

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