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Here's How to Buy Crestor (and Other Statins) for Cheap

March 4, 2020

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High cholesterol is a leading health problem for American adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to one in three Americans (or 75 million people) suffer from high cholesterol. If left untreated, high cholesterol can lead to serious (and potentially fatal) health risks like cardiovascular disease and stroke.

There are several ways to manage cholesterol levels, one of which is medication. However, like many prescription medications in the United States, drugs like Crestor and other statins, which are among the most common medications prescribed to help Americans manage their cholesterol levels, can be prohibitively expensive for many people.

How Much do Statins Cost in the U.S?

It’s no secret that the prescription drug market in the United States has an affordability problem. Even basic and routine medications are so expensive and overpriced as to make them unaffordable for the average American consumer, even if they have health insurance. Drugs like Crestor, which help so many Americans stay healthy and avoid serious and potentially deadly health complications, sometimes come with hefty (and unaffordable) price tags in the American market.

And to make matters worse, many people with chronic health problems take more than one medication at a time, so every dollar can make the difference between the ability to pay for a prescription or having to do without.

Statins are known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors because they work by blocking production of the liver enzyme responsible for creating a type of cholesterol in the body (another source of cholesterol is diet). With millions of Americans at risk for heart disease and stroke, statins are an important tool in the ongoing fight against heart disease, which is still the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women.

There are several statins on the market including:

Statin medication use is so common that the CDC estimates that roughly 28% of American men and women over the age of 40 have been prescribed a statin like Crestor or Lipitor. More than 35 million Americans are believed to be taking one to help manage dangerous cholesterol levels and the threat of a cardiac event.

Typically, popular prescription drugs that are used by more people tend to be more affordable than drugs used to treat very rare and short term illnesses. With drugs like Crestor and other statins, which generally need to be taken for life, even a modest price tag can make the medication alarmingly expensive for the millions of Americans with limited or no health insurance.

For example, the average cost for 90 tablets of a 5mg supply of Crestor for an uninsured patient paying out of pocket can soar to over $800 depending on the pharmacy. The generic version (rosuvastatin) of Crestor is less expensive, but can still range from $20 - $150 depending on the pharmacy. A 90 tablet supply of 20 mg Lipitor can average $1482.95.

Like other potentially life saving medications, people that suffer from high cholesterol and have an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke depend on statins to keep their cholesterol below dangerous levels. But for many Americans, the price tag of a medication that needs to be taken for years or decades can be a significant barrier.

Generic Statin Prices — A Potentially Cheaper Alternative

One of the advantages of statins is that most brand name prescriptions like Crestor, Lipitor, and Zocor have a generic alternative that’s usually much cheaper than the brand name version. Depending on the medication, dosage, and other factors like rebates and discounts, some people can save hundreds of dollars or more every month on the generic version of a prescription medication.

Are Generic Medications as Good as the Brand Name Version?

Just like with consumer goods and products, many people are understandably conditioned to believe that the brand name (and more expensive version) of a medication is safer, more effective, and of higher quality than the cheaper generic version. While it’s ultimately up to doctors and their patients to decide what the best medication is in each situation, the pharmaceutical industry spends millions of dollars on marketing, advertising, and lobbying government in the United States every year in order sell their products.

For example, chances are that many Americans have heard of medications like Crestor and Lipitor not because they have a prescription or know someone taking the medication (despite its popularity), but from an advertising or marketing campaign on TV or other media. When it comes to generic vs. brand name medications, the government health regulators inspect and regulate the drugs according to the same safety and effectiveness standards.

Generic drugs may also have different ingredients not found in the brand name version or vice versa, but they are generally subject to the same quality control and safety standards as brand name drugs.

Generic medications are just as safe and effective as the brand name version, and the brand name version of a drug isn’t more expensive because of higher quality or greater effectiveness. There are many ongoing debates about the cost of prescription drugs in the United States, but for the most part pricing is determined by industry profits and not necessarily by what it costs to develop or manufacture the drugs.

In some cases, the brand version of a medication may be the best option but every case is different. The best approach is to ask your doctor and pharmacist if a generic version of your prescription is available, and whether it is recommended for use in your particular situation.

Rebates Can Alleviate Drug Costs

Depending on the medication and the health insurance plan, pharmaceutical companies sometimes negotiate rebates to help make medications slightly more affordable.

As with every aspect of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry in the United States, there’s an ongoing debate as to whether rebate programs actually help or hurt American consumers by driving up the prices of medications. However, some individuals may qualify for rebates and programs designed to help if the medication is too expensive.

Shop Around and Research Prices

Human beings tend to be creatures of habit. Even people that live in big cities with multiple options tend to have a small circle of the places they like to eat, buy coffee, shop for groceries, and buy their medications. As such, many people mistakenly assume that they’ll be charged the same price for their medication at any pharmacy, which is not the case.

Where you choose to fill your prescription is one of the many confusing factors at play in the cost of a prescription in the U.S. For long term use medications like Crestor and other statins, even a cost savings of a few dollars every month can have a big impact on an individual’s or family’s budget.

Once you get your prescription, check to see how much it will cost to fill at multiple pharmacies before committing to one. Sometimes the local pharmacist is the best and more convenient option, but with a little comparison shopping you might be surprised to find that that’s not always the case.

Ordering Crestor and Statins from a Canadian Pharmacy

As the healthcare and prescription drug affordability problem gets more and more attention from politicians and in the mainstream media in the United States, attention is also shifting north to Canada, and specifically how much more affordable the same medications are in Canadian pharmacies. In Canada, the government can (and does) negotiate drug prices and place a cap on how much drug manufacturers can charge, which keeps medications affordable for everyone.

Unlike in the United States, where the same medication can be ten times more expensive than it is in Canada, Canadian pharmacies offer fair and transparent pricing for common medications like Crestor, Lipitor, and other statins.

Buying Prescription Medication Online From a Canadian Pharmacy

For many Americans already struggling with the financial burdens of sky high insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and the rest of their cost of living expenses, Canadian online pharmacies offer what may be the last hope to get the medications they need without straining an already tight budget.

The problem is even worse for the millions of Americans who are uninsured, and often faced with paying the list price for medications that are already unaffordable and overpriced.

Buying medication from a Canadian pharmacy can deliver significant cost savings, convenience, and peace of mind, especially for conditions like high cholesterol, where going without medication can have life threatening consequences.

Why Crestor and Other Statins are Cheaper in Canadian Pharmacies

Like the rest of the Canadian healthcare system, which doesn’t operate on the for-profit model, pharmacies in Canada charge less than the American market for the same drugs because prescription medications aren’t subjected to exorbitant price markups in order to beef up profits and earnings for pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders.

For example, in Canada, an 84-pill supply of a 10 mg prescription of Lipitor costs less than $60. In the United States, the average cost for a 30 pill supply prescription of 10 mg of Lipitor costs approximately $166. A 90 pill supply of a 10 mg prescription of Crestor costs about $70 in Canada.

That’s just the average cost depending on the pharmacy, supply volume (drug shortages and supply issues can also affect the price and availability of certain medications), and the type of health insurance (if any). Price fluctuations and spikes can (and do) happen all the time, so people living on fixed incomes like the elderly, students, or low-income families are especially vulnerable to the vagaries of the American pricing model. In fact, prescription drug prices can be so inflated in American pharmacies that even the generic version of certain medications is sometimes more expensive in the United States than the brand name in Canada.

By shopping at a Canadian pharmacy, consumers can expect much lower and stable prices that won’t be subject to sudden spikes or erratic fluctuations from one customer to the next, regardless of their financial situation.

Checklist for Buying Crestor and Other Statins Without Breaking the Bank

The best way for American consumers to find the best price for prescription medications is to do extensive comparison shopping and research in order to find all of the options available. Here are some tips to help you save time and money when buying medications:

  1. Ask your doctor and pharmacist if there’s a generic version available, and if it is safe and effective enough for you to take it instead of the brand name version (it will vary depending on the prescription and your unique circumstances)
  2. Find out about rebates and discount programs available through the pharmaceutical company, the pharmacy, and/or your health insurance plan
  3. Find out the cash price — depending on the specifics of your insurance plan, it may actually be cheaper to pay for the prescription in cash than through your insurance plan
  4. Shop around — pharmacies in the U.S. charge different prices, so don’t just fill your prescription at the first pharmacy you come across
  5. Consider ordering from an international or Canadian pharmacy — prices in Canada tend to be cheaper, so if you still aren’t getting the price you want, consider ordering your medication from a website like ours.

Consider Your Long-Term Costs and Budget

For Americans suffering from chronic illnesses and conditions that require long term medication, even a prescription with a manageable monthly price tag can become unaffordable or strain a budget over the course of just a few years, let alone decades. Without reliable price control policies and regulations in place to protect consumers, pharmaceutical companies have been known to double or even triple the price of lifesaving prescription medications with little to no warning.

More and more, American consumers have to get creative and proactive about their access to basic prescriptions in order to manage and protect their health. International and Canadian pharmacies offer an affordable alternative for people that find themselves priced out of the unaffordable American system.

For more information about buying affordable prescription medications like Crestor and Lipitor in Canada and abroad, contact today by calling our toll free number 1-866-539-5330 or contact us online to learn more.

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