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The Latest Nail Trends to Try Out This Year

The nails on the runway never disappoint, and this spring was no different. From new nudes to bold and glittery, the latest trends offer a range of options to try. Remember: Even the most unique trends can be subdued for an everyday look for any age. Read on to learn how to incorporate the latest nail trends into your style. Get in Shape Nails come in all shapes and sizes. Although stiletto nails are still trending, natural nail lengths dominated the runways this spring. Short and … [Read More...]

Got Sun Damage? Here’s How to Help Repair it

The #nomakeup celebrity selfies trending on Instagram are an encouraging sign that more people are celebrating natural beauty—freckles, wrinkles, and all. However, skin health is more than just a cosmetic issue, and most of us want our skin to be as vibrant as possible. If you’re noticing unwanted skin changes such as age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, there’s some good news: They may not be inevitable. Some are caused by the passage of time, but some are the result of accumulated exposure … [Read More...]

Here’s How to Build an Upper Body that Does More than Look Great

Bodacious biceps and bolder shoulders dominate the discussion when it comes to upper body strength training. However, building a strong, powerful upper body does more than split sleeves and garner attention. With a solid upper body resistance-training plan, selling tickets to the gun show is the proverbial icing on the cake. But aesthetics aren’t the only reason you should strengthen your upper body. Check out the often overlooked health benefits of sculpting lean, mean muscle in your arms, … [Read More...]

Eat and Drink Your Way to Clear, Healthy Skin

Skin disorders are nearly universal in residents of Western countries: Between 79 and 95 percent of American adolescents have acne, and 12 percent of women and 3 percent of men struggle with it into middle age. Rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis are also common. For a long time, dermatologists believed skin health had little to do with diet. Then researchers discovered nearly acne-free societies, including the Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea, the Aché hunter-gatherers of … [Read More...]

Band Together: Make Flexibility and Strength Gains With Resistance Bands

Want to move through an awesome workout without the bulk of heavy equipment? Resistance bands are all you need. Convenient, versatile, and low-maintenance, these sturdy elastic tubes are a great addition to your exercise routine: They build strength, develop the mind-muscle connection, and improve flexibility. Not sold on the idea of exercise bands yet? Check out these great benefits, and try a quick workout routine to get your muscles pumped and heart revved. The Benefits of Resistance Band … [Read More...]