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What is EMOM? What You Need to Know About This Fitness Acronym

Ever heard of EMOM? It stands for every minute on the minute, a popular type of interval workout hitting CrossFit boxes (aka gyms) all over the globe. EMOM isn’t usually meant to be a standalone approach. Instead, it’s often sandwiched between a strength portion and a conditioning portion. Though they are recently associated with CrossFit, EMOM intervals have stood the test of time in old school powerlifting and weightlifting gyms.EMOM intervals are a great way to pace a workout: The clock … [Read More...]

Foods That Stop Nausea in Its Tracks

Nausea: It’s one of those universal human experiences we can all commiserate with. In fact, it’s estimated that each year half of the adult population experiences at least one bout of nausea, which may or may not lead to vomiting. That makes sense because there are many reasons people feel nauseous.What to Eat and Drink When You Feel Nauseous If you feel sick to your stomach, eating or drinking may be the last thing on your mind. And if your symptoms only last for a short time, abstaining … [Read More...]

7 Realistic Tips to Actually Drink More Water

We all know the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” So why isn’t there an equivalent rhyme for how much water we should drink? Water is arguably one of the most important items we can—and need to—add to our diet. In fact, we should think of it as a nutrient, just like we do with the vitamins and minerals we get from fruits and veggies.There are well known—and surprising—health benefits to drinking water. We’ll break those down and then dive into tips to drink more water no matter … [Read More...]

How to Embrace and Make the Transition to Gray

Finding your first gray hair can be frightening, especially with society’s pressure to stay young. But gray hair is beautiful and doesn’t signify the end of your prime. Keep reading to learn what causes gray hair, and how to make the transition. Why Does Hair Turn Gray? Graying hair is typically a byproduct of the natural aging process, although there are other less common health-related causes. Grays can pop up after the age of 35, but can start earlier or later depending on your DNA. … [Read More...]

Should You Add a Facial Roller to Your Skincare Routine?

Puffiness and tired skin is an unfortunate reality for many of us, especially in the morning. But a simple tool, called a facial roller, may be the key to removing toxins and reducing puffiness. It almost sounds too good to be true, so we dug into the research to find out if facial rollers are just a trend or if there is evidence they can really benefit your skincare routine. Keep reading to learn more about facial rollers and if they’re a good option for your skin. What is a Facial Roller? A … [Read More...]