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What Is Microblading? What You Need to Know About This Eyebrow Trend

Eyebrows are a prominent facial feature, so it’s no surprise we spend money on products to fill and define our arches. In fact, beauty aisles are full of products to help you achieve your desired eyebrows: pencils, gels, powders, and stencils. But there’s a new procedure that’s more permanent and looks natural: microblading. Keep reading to learn if it’s right for you. What is it? Microblading uses a special pen to draw on hundreds of individual strokes to build a texture similar to natural … [Read More...]

Hit a Wall in Your Fitness Routine? Take Your Workout to the Wall

Whether you’re short on space, time, or budget, getting creative with your workout routines can lead you straight into a wall—literally. Find a cozy corner at home or at the gym and hit up these great wall-friendly moves for a solid, full-body workout. Wall exercises are a perfect way to engage stabilizer muscles in the core, shoulders, and hips.  You can increase or decrease the intensity of an exercise by positioning yourself on the wall at different angles. The options for a fun exercise … [Read More...]

10 Mini Band Moves You Can Do Anywhere

At home, in the park, or on the go, mini bands are an easy-to-stow, versatile resistance training option that can travel with you. Unlike standard tube resistance bands, mini bands are compact—measuring around 9 inches in length and 2 inches in width. They easily fit into a gym bag and offer dozens of exercise options. Why Choose Mini Bands? Though they’re small, mini bands are mighty when it comes to resistance training. You can buy bands in a set with varying levels of resistance; lighter … [Read More...]

Can Face Oils Stop Sagging in its Tracks?

Aging is inevitable. As a result of genetics, lifestyle choices, and time, wrinkles and lines appear and skin becomes drier and loses its elasticity, which results in skin sagging below the jaw line. Fortunately there is a safe way to slow the aging process that is inexpensive and does not require harsh chemicals. Read on to learn how face oils can keep your skin looking young and healthy. Skin Sagging and Why it Occurs  Levels of collagen­—a protein that forms connective fibers in the … [Read More...]

How Yoga Can Help You Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals

Maybe you want to lose a little weight. Namaste to that. While many professional trainers point people to specific diets or intense workouts, they may pass by yoga. That’s too bad: The practice that can play in integral role in shedding unwanted pounds. Even the routine that ends with everyone’s favorite relaxation pose, savasana, can have positive effects when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. Studies point to the many ways yoga can provide physical, behavioral, and emotional changes that … [Read More...]