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Recipes You Can Make Healthier with a Can of Pumpkin

After autumn, it’s easy to forget pumpkin puree’s tasty, versatile, nutrition-packed goodness. However, a can of pumpkin is a great pantry staple anytime. It adds moisture, texture, and health benefits to many recipes—including some you might not expect.Pump in the Health Benefits of PumpkinPumpkin is one of many varieties of common American winter squash. Pumpkin is botanically a fruit, though its nutritional profile resembles many vegetables.Canned pumpkin puree is cooked, mashed … [Read More...]

Can CBD Oil Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

CBD oil is a hot health trend. For many years, people have used it for major health complaints, such as preventing rare seizure conditions in children. Recently, it’s popping up in supermarkets, health-food stores, pharmacies, and gas stations for more everyday concerns such as improving fitness outcomes. It’s available in capsules, tinctures, gummies, oils, and salves as well as cookies, coffee, beer, and cocktails.Athletes, such as professional skateboarder Andy Macdonald, tout CBD as a … [Read More...]

How to Apply Lip Liner for Natural-Looking Fuller Lips

Forget the lip liner trends from the ’90s (namely a dark outline with nude lips): Today’s liners are chic and can benefit your look in several ways. With the right color and formula, you can achieve fuller-looking lips and longer-lasting lip color without the dated look. Follow the below guidelines and lip liner may jump to the top of your list of favorite products.Benefits of Lip LinerIt acts as a primer to lipstick: Tired of feathered, faded lipstick? Applying waxy lip liner first … [Read More...]

How to Cut Down Your Chances of Getting Sick During or After a Vacation

If you’ve come down with a cold, flu, or stomach bug on vacation, you’re not alone. In one study, 20 percent of plane passengers reported respiratory symptoms within a week of flying. No one wants to get sick on a trip—or directly after one. Keep reading to learn how to prevent illnesses during and after your next vacation.1. Get up to date on travel vaccinesIt’s fun to learn about new cultures. It’s not so fun to come into contact with new diseases. Fortunately, vaccines are available … [Read More...]

Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

What if you could feel better about yourself and more empowered in your life simply by saying nice things about yourself? That's the idea behind positive affirmations, and a great deal of research suggests that people who practice positive self-talk might be onto something. But while positive affirmations can help people feel more confident or able to successfully navigate trying times, they can sometimes have the opposite effect.Before you start working with affirmations, read on to … [Read More...]