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DIY Face Masks For All Skin Types

Not only can face masks alleviate skin problems, but they can also double as a stress reliever during a long, hard week. While a trip to the spa is a nice treat, too many facial appointments can leave your wallet empty and your skin longing for more. For a quick, healthy, and cost-effective mask, go the DIY route by turning to ingredients you already have in your pantry and refrigerator.The Importance of Face MasksLocking down a daily routine of cleansing, toning, and hydrating is great, … [Read More...]

5 Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Desk Chair

Posting up at a desk for eight or more hours a day can do a real number on our bodies. Extended sitting not only has prolonged health risks, it can make you feel stiff, achy, and uncomfortable in a matter of hours. The good news: Yoga can help. By incorporating a few yoga poses into your daily work routine, you can stretch out the muscles that get tight and sore with all that sitting—no mat or form-fitting pants required. Read on to learn how. Raised hands This pose, also known as Urdhva … [Read More...]

How to Use Sage in Your Winter Meals

Sage—a.k.a. common sage, garden sage, kitchen sage, true sage, Dalmatian sage, or broadleaf sage—is a prevalent herb used worldwide in cooking and herbal medicine. Whether you opt for the fresh or dried form, sage adds a warm, pine-like flavor with hints of rosemary and citrus to any dish. Health Benefits of Sage Thanks to its hefty dose of antioxidants, sage may help combat everything from pain and inflammation to bacterial and viral infections (especially when taken as a supplement). Some … [Read More...]

What Is ASMR and Can It Help You Relax and Sleep?

Thousands of people visit YouTube every day to watch strangers whispering, brushing their hair, folding napkins, turning magazine pages, and tapping their fingers. Why? For some people, these mundane sensory experiences trigger a pleasurable, relaxing tingling response in the scalp or spine. Some people compare the sensation to carbonated bubbles spreading through the back of their heads or sand trickling down their head and shoulders.The sensation has been dubbed Autonomous Sensory Meridian … [Read More...]

Experiencing Abdominal Pain? Where it Is May Help Explain What it Is

Abdominal pain can come in a wide variety of forms. This stands to reason: The abdomen houses many of our internal organs (not to mention muscles and connective tissue). While it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to have a full understanding of what every type of abdominal pain could mean, a skilled clinician is likely able to discern the problem plaguing her patient based on the patient’s history. And that means that having a basic knowledge of your abdominal anatomy—as well as an understanding … [Read More...]