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What the Heck Is Activated Charcoal… and Should I Use It?

Get ready to meet your next favorite secret beauty ingredient: coal. No, not the kind Santa gives naughty children. We’re talking about activated charcoal, a superfine, highly absorbent black powder. While there are plenty of products made with activated charcoal, you can also buy the pure powder to use in a number of ways. Read on to learn more about activated charcoal’s beauty benefits. The History of Activated … [Read More...]

Find Yourself in a Bind?

The Benefits of Yogic Binds What takes a normal yoga pose and makes it a bind? Yogic binds involve rotating the torso and shoulders and clasping the hands together. They require both intense focus to help stay in the pose, and flexibility to actually get into the pose.  Binding can help take your yoga practice to the next level and deepen your pose. It also engages muscles and aids in digestion by stimulating the abdominal organs. Binds can be difficult to get yourself into. It takes the … [Read More...]

Brush Up on Your Brushes

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide Blending and powder brushes may look similar but their uses are very different. This is the case for many makeup brushes—and when used incorrectly their full potential is being missed. Understanding how to properly use each makeup brush can take your makeup routine to the next level. Explore these tips and guidelines for makeup brush use and cleaning. A better understanding of your brushes will help you easily navigate the often confusing world of makeup … [Read More...]

How To Get More Out of Your Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a great motivational tool to help reach your health goals. But like any other fitness purchase, the newness can easily wear off if you don’t take full advantage of all its benefits. Before you consider tucking this accessory in a drawer because you don’t understand what it does, check out these tips to get the most from your wearable fitness accessory. Track for Success, But Don’t Obsess Counting steps and calories can spark a fire under your feet that moves and grooves … [Read More...]

Rev Your Engine!

18 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism After 30 Do you feel like it’s getting harder to lose weight? Your metabolism may be to blame. As we age, metabolism slows down, mostly because we start to lose about 0.5 percent of muscle mass every year, and that mass is responsible for burning calories. But don’t worry: There are ways to boost your metabolism without hitting the gym for hours on end. What is Metabolism? Metabolism is the chemical process in which the body converts food into energy. The … [Read More...]