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Healthy Chia Seed Desserts with Five Ingredients or Less

If you’re not already on the chia seed bandwagon, it’s time to try these tiny but mighty seeds. You may know them as the seeds that sprout on those cute terracotta Ch-ch-ch-chia Pets, but they’re actually an ancient grain that’s been a staple food crop in Central and South America for thousands of years. More recently, they were dubbed superfoods because they’re rich in fiber, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Plus, they contain large amounts … [Read More...]

Sit or Stand: Which Is Better in the Weight Room?

Open any popular fitness magazine and you’ll see tons of seated exercises for the back, biceps, and shoulders. But do seated resistance training exercises reign supreme? Or is it better to stand during weight training session? Here we break down the risks and rewards of both seated and standing exercises, which exercises are best suited for each position, and how to lift safely—whether you stand or sit. The Posture Analysis  Sitting allows us to feel more stable: Our center of gravity is … [Read More...]

Magic Wand: Curling Wand Tips for Perfect Hair Every Time

Curling irons have been around since the invention of electricity. But in the last few decades, the hair curling industry has expanded to include a slew of different options such as wands. If you’re not sure how to use a wand to achieve the curl you want, read on for buying and styling tips. Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands Classic curling irons include a clamp to create polished ringlets (a la Shirley Temple). The ends of hair sections are clamped and curled first with the barrel facing up, … [Read More...]

What the Heck Is Activated Charcoal… and Should I Use It?

Get ready to meet your next favorite secret beauty ingredient: coal. No, not the kind Santa gives naughty children. We’re talking about activated charcoal, a superfine, highly absorbent black powder. While there are plenty of products made with activated charcoal, you can also buy the pure powder to use in a number of ways. Read on to learn more about activated charcoal’s beauty benefits. The History of Activated … [Read More...]

Find Yourself in a Bind?

The Benefits of Yogic Binds What takes a normal yoga pose and makes it a bind? Yogic binds involve rotating the torso and shoulders and clasping the hands together. They require both intense focus to help stay in the pose, and flexibility to actually get into the pose.  Binding can help take your yoga practice to the next level and deepen your pose. It also engages muscles and aids in digestion by stimulating the abdominal organs. Binds can be difficult to get yourself into. It takes the … [Read More...]