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Band Together: Make Flexibility and Strength Gains With Resistance Bands

Want to move through an awesome workout without the bulk of heavy equipment? Resistance bands are all you need. Convenient, versatile, and low-maintenance, these sturdy elastic tubes are a great addition to your exercise routine: They build strength, develop the mind-muscle connection, and improve flexibility. Not sold on the idea of exercise bands yet? Check out these great benefits, and try a quick workout routine to get your muscles pumped and heart revved. The Benefits of Resistance Band … [Read More...]

Be in the Know: The Importance of Pharmacist Counseling

Chances are you’ve taken, or may sometime soon take, a prescription drug . Sixty percent of Americans take at least one, and 15 percent take five or more. It may be tempting to tune out when your pharmacist counsels you about your medications, but those few minutes could save your life. Approximately 1 million Americans are injured from medication errors in hospitals each year, and many more suffer from medication errors at home. Between 19 and 56 percent of patients make mistakes when they … [Read More...]

Is Rose Hip Oil Just Another Anti-Aging Fad?

There’s a new ingredient popping up on many anti-aging product labels: rose hip oil. But this oil, extracted from the seeds of rose bushes, is nothing new: Rose hips have been cultivated for thousands of years to heal and improve skin, and for a number of other health applications. More recent research and testimonials suggest the oil provides several other potential skin benefits. Read on to discover if you should be adding rose hip oil to your medicine cabinet. What Exactly are Rose … [Read More...]

Win The New Apple Watch Series 2!

This promotion has now concluded. Please remember, you are eligible for great giveaways and exclusive promotions when you subscribe to Health Perch. We wanted to say THANK YOU for subscribing to the Health Perch Newsletter so we have automatically entered you in our giveaway to win one of two of Apple's newly released Series 2 watches! If you are a current subscriber to Health Perch, you are automatically entered into the draw. All new subscribers to the Health Perch Newsletter from … [Read More...]

Healthy Chia Seed Desserts with Five Ingredients or Less

If you’re not already on the chia seed bandwagon, it’s time to try these tiny but mighty seeds. You may know them as the seeds that sprout on those cute terracotta Ch-ch-ch-chia Pets, but they’re actually an ancient grain that’s been a staple food crop in Central and South America for thousands of years. More recently, they were dubbed superfoods because they’re rich in fiber, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Plus, they contain large amounts … [Read More...]