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Saving Money on Common Hormone Therapies

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December 24, 2021
Common Hormone Therapies

Since hormones affect so many processes in the human body, there are many different reasons a patient may require hormone therapy. These may range from menopause to fertility issues, thyroid syndromes, and even cancer. Fortunately, a wide array of medications (such as Estrogel and Synthroid) can help. If you know where to look, you can even purchase these medications with savings as high as 81%.

Hormone Therapy for Menopause

It’s estimated at least 1.3 million women in the United States enter menopause each year. While menopause is a natural transition, it can come with inconvenient and even painful symptoms. The combination of possible symptoms has led to an unfortunate stigma surrounding menopause.

Worse, managing menopause symptoms to enjoy a consistent quality of life can be very expensive. According to one study, many women experiencing heightened menopause symptoms can pay upwards of $2,000.00 per year for their care.

If you or a loved one wishes to avoid these steep costs, you need a place to buy safe, affordable hormonal menopause medications.

Vivelle Dot Cost (called Estradot in Canada)

The Vivelle Dot (estradiol) is a prescription transdermal patch that may help you restore your levels of estrogen. If you’re producing less estrogen over time, you may notice symptoms like vaginal dryness and diminished bone density.

By applying estradiol directly to the skin, you may be able to expect quick circulation of the hormone through your system and symptom reduction. Typically, you’ll replace the Vivelle Dot twice a week.

The Vivelle Dot can be found in the United States, but you’re more likely to purchase the widely-available generic. The generic costs about $90.00 for approximately a one-month supply.

To save about 60%, you can instead buy a four-week supply of the Vivelle Dot for $39.00 at

Estring Cost

Estring (estradiol vaginal ring) is a form of local estrogen therapy, much like the Vivelle Dot, but with one major difference. The Vivelle Dot depends on the transdermal suffusion of estradiol, followed by the full-body circulation of the synthetic hormone. However, Estring provides estradiol directly where it is needed.

Estring is a soft vaginal ring inserted by you or your physician and will provide steady hormonal therapy for 90 days. When inserted properly, Estring can alleviate itching, dryness, burning, painful urination, and painful sex.

This hormone therapy for menopause is available in the United States, but it can be quite expensive. Each device costs approximately $550.00, or about $184.00 for each month of use.

At, one Estring device costs $107.00 (80% savings), which reduces the cost for each month of use to about $36.00.

Estrogel Cost

Estrogel (estradiol - 17Beta) is a topical gel. It provides relief for night sweats, mood swings, and hot flashes that often accompany menopause.

Your doctor may prescribe Estrogel for a wide range of menopausal symptoms, from temperature regulation to osteoporosis prevention. Once per day, you’ll apply odorless Estrogel to your arm and wait for it to dry.

In the U.S, there’s a common generic equivalent to Estrogel. You can find a 40-day supply of this generic medication for $286.00, or just over $7.00 per dose.

Alternatively, you can find brand-name Estrogel at easily. A 64-day supply of Estrogel costs approximately $42.00, which comes out to $0.65 per dose (91% savings).

Premarin Cost

Premarin (conjugated estrogens - CES) is an oral hormone replacement therapy much like Estrogel or the Vivelle Dot. Where the above medications offer estradiol (one form of estrogen), Premarin is composed of a mixture of different estrogen hormones. If you need a more comprehensive slate of estrogen therapy, Premarin may be worth looking into.

Depending on your dosage and your doctor’s instructions, you may take one capsule of Premarin once daily.

Premarin is available in the United States. You can purchase about a one-month supply of Premarin for about $8.00 per capsule, or $240.00 per month.

At, you can buy a four-week supply of Premarin for as little as $29.00, or just over one dollar per capsule (87% savings).

Common Hormone Therapies

Hormone Therapy for Thyroid Dysfunction

An estimated 10 million Americans have thyroid dysfunction and over half of them may not even realize they have a thyroid condition. The eight to ten million people with a confirmed diagnosis can take advantage of common thyroid drugs to ameliorate their condition. However, this support can come at a steep cost.

For some forms of thyroid dysfunction, the total medical costs, including prescription medication, can range from $460.00 to $2,555.00 per patient each year. (And that’s for insured patients. Retail costs for necessary thyroid medications could be far higher.)

Synthroid Cost

Synthroid (levothyroxine) is a synthetic form of thyroid. Your levels of thyroid hormone affect your metabolism, your body temperature, the way you burn calories, and how your cells use energy.

If you have hypothyroidism (“slow” thyroid, or low thyroid levels), you may experience a wide variety of symptoms including dry skin, depression, weight gain, and intolerance to cold. Your doctor may prescribe a daily dose of oral Synthroid to help manage these effects.

In the U.S., you can find a one-month supply of 200mcg Synthroid for about $50.00, or $1.60 per pill.

At, you can buy Synthroid for approximately one-third of the cost. A three-month supply of 200mcg Synthroid will cost you about $33.00 — about $0.35 per pill — for almost 80% savings.

Levoxyl Cost

Levoxyl (levothyroxine) is a prescription hormone replacement drug that doctors often recommend for patients with hypothyroidism. It uses the same active ingredient as many other thyroid medications, including Synthroid.

The main reason for this commonality is that levothyroxine is an equivalent to the naturally-occurring hormone T4. With a once-a-day oral dose of Levoxyl, you may be able to manage symptoms of low thyroid by helping your body ramp up its thyroid function (and subsequently increased metabolism and body temperature).

Levoxyl is available in the United States but purchasing it at a local pharmacy may cost you as much as $50.00 for a one-month supply (or approximately $1.67 per pill).

Instead, you could buy a 100-day supply of Levoxyl at for about $127.00, or $1.27 per pill (24% savings).

Tirosint Cost

Tirosint (levothyroxine sodium) is a gel cap that only contains the active ingredient, water, gelatin, and glycerin. If you experience gastrointestinal issues or other side effects from inactive ingredients in other thyroid medications, Tirosint may be an effective alternative option.

Your doctor may prescribe Tirosint if you exhibit low-thyroid symptoms. This once-daily oral medication may help you feel more energized or reduce your need for mid-afternoon naps.

Typically, you’ll find a one-month supply of Tirosint costs approximately $172.00 in the United States (about $5.75 per pill). While there is a generic available, there isn’t much of a cost savings, and in some cases is actually more expensive than the brand name medication.

Instead, you can buy a one-month supply of Tirosint at for $157.00 (just under $5.60 per pill).

Cytomel Cost

Cytomel (liothyronine) is an oral hormone replacement medication that may help people whose thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Much like Synthroid, it can help patients fight myriad symptoms, from weight gain to depression, dry skin, and more.

The primary difference is simple: Synthroid is a man-made version of one specific thyroid hormone (T4), while Cytomel is a man-made version of another — T3.

Patients will typically take Cytomel once daily. In the United States, Americans pay over $3.00 per pill, which amounts to about $320.00 for a 100-day supply.

Alternatively, you can buy a 100-day supply of brand-name Cytomel at for $195.00 (which is less than $2.00 per pill) for 33% savings.

For even further savings (of about 65%), you could purchase generic liothyronine for about $1.00 per pill, or for a grand total of $116.00 for the full 100-day supply.

Armour Thyroid Cost

Armour Thyroid (desiccated thyroid), much like Synthroid and Cytomel, helps restore bodily levels of thyroid hormone. While Synthroid and Cytomel are man-made compounds, Armour Thyroid and similar products contain a naturally-occurring thyroid product made from animal thyroid glands.

If the synthetic products do not work well for your system, Armour Thyroid may constitute an excellent alternative. However, it’s important to note that if you follow a vegan (or possibly vegetarian) lifestyle, Armour Thyroid is made from animal parts.

This medication has several different brand name manufacturers in the United States, the most popular being Armour Thyroid. In the States, a one-month supply of this medication will cost approximately $33.00 (about $1.10 per day).

At, we sell a very similar product, Thyroid, from a Canadian manufacturer. You can buy a 100-day supply of Thyroid for $41.00 (about $0.41 per day).

Propylthiouracil Cost

Propylthiouracil (propylthiouracil) works to support patients with low thyroid by inhibiting elements in your body that stop the action of a protein called thyroglobulin. As a result of thyroglobulin being able to act more effectively, your body should be able to make more thyroid hormones.

Medications like propylthiouracil can help avoid the necessity of direct thyroid supplementation with prescription medications like Synthroid or Armour Thyroid.

This benefit does require a special dosage schedule. You may need to take propylthiouracil between one and three times per day.

There’s a generic equivalent of Propylthiouracil widely available in the United States, which means this medication can be relatively affordable. You can expect to pay $33.00 for a 30-day supply (just over $1.00 per pill)

However, at, you can find savings up to 68% — you can buy a three-month supply of Propylthiouracil for $32.00, or $0.32 per pill.

Tapazole Cost

Tapazole (methimazole) is a thyroid medication that works to stop or slow your body’s production of one of the naturally-occurring thyroid hormones, thyroxine. As opposed to every other thyroid medication on this list, Tapazole focuses on helping patients with hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormone, or a “fast” thyroid).

If you experience common symptoms of hyperthyroidism, such as sleep issues, a heightened heart rate, or hand tremors, your doctor may prescribe 1-3 daily doses of Tapazole.

In the United States, there’s a generic equivalent to Tapazole readily available. As a result, you may have a hard time finding the brand-name medication.

If you require brand-name Tapazole, you’re in the right place. At, you can buy a 100-day supply of Tapazole for about $51.00, or about $0.51 per pill.

Common Hormone Therapies

Hormone Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Although researchers have made incredible progress understanding cancer’s mechanisms and providing the basis for ever-improved therapies, the overall number of cancer cases continues to grow each year. In 2018, 18.1 million people received new cancer diagnoses.

Unsurprisingly, the associated national cost for cancer therapies and related care is growing, as well. One estimate of the 2018 national cancer cost was more than $150 billion. Monthly, each cancer patient could face medical bills over $10,000. Clearly, finding affordable cancer treatment needs to be a priority.

One of the ways certain types of cancer grow is because they are sensitive to hormones such as testosterone or estrogen. Therefore, many cancer treatment drugs focus on reducing these hormone levels.

Tamoxifen Cost

Tamoxifen (tamoxifen) is an oral medication often recommended and prescribed for patients with breast cancer. Doctors may prescribe tamoxifen, or its brand form (Nolvadex D) to take during or after your other cancer treatments, including surgery, chemo, and radiation.

Taking Tamoxifen post-treatment may help stop cancer from coming back by causing an anti-estrogenic effect in breast tissue. Depending on your doctor’s recommendations, you’ll take it once or twice per day, with food.

Nolvadex D, the brand-name version of tamoxifen, is quite costly and can be hard to find.

At, you can buy a 60-pill supply of the 50mg dose of tamoxifen for about $32.00, or just over $0.50 per pill.

Lupron Cost

Lupron (leuprolide) is a long-acting medication for men with prostate cancer. It’s often available as part of a Depot Kit, which allows injection of the drug. Lupron interrupts the production of sex hormones, so — after injection — a man’s testes no longer produce testosterone.

Many prostate cancer cells are hormone-dependent on testosterone. By interrupting this mechanism, a once-every-three-month injection of Lupron can help stop or slow the progression of prostate cancer.

Often, it can be difficult to find Lupron in your local pharmacies. This may be because it’s an injectable, and doctors may administer it in their offices. Lupron is often very expensive, even if you can manage to find it — close to $2,000 for a kit.

If your doctor has prescribed leuprolide and you require a brand name kit, you can buy Lupron at starting at $378.00, with 81% savings.

Megace Cost

Megace (megestrol acetate) is a synthetic medication that mimics progesterone, a hormone important for female bodily function. Doctors may prescribe Megace to treat breast cancer or endometrial cancer, particularly if a specific patient’s case has been shown to be hormone-dependent.

Breast and cervical cancer are often driven by estrogen. Progesterone is naturally anti-estrogenic. By raising your body’s progesterone levels, you may be able to work towards reduced populations of estrogen-dependent cancer cells. You may take Megace orally (in tablet form) from one to several times per day.

At, you can buy a 100-pill supply of brand-name Megace for $47.00, or about $0.50 per pill.

Common Hormone Therapies

Finding Your Hormone Therapy at an Affordable Price

Whether you need help managing your levels of progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, or thyroid, finding a low-cost prescription medication can make a world of difference. Unfortunately, current systems in the United States typically result in prohibitively expensive medications.

As a safe online pharmacy offering Canadian drugs and international prescriptions, is ready to help you save money on the medications you need. Our team of friendly customer service representatives and knowledgeable pharmacists is ready to answer any questions you may have, whether that’s finding your medication, or help in placing your order.

Call us today at 1-866-539-5339, or reach out online. We’re excited to help you!

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