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How Long Does it Take Flomax (Tamsulosin) to Work?

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May 10, 2024
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Flomax, or the brand name for active ingredient tamsulosin, is a medication that doctors use to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia—or BPH. (In popular vernacular, BPH is referred to as “an enlarged prostate.”)

To benefit BPH sufferers, Flomax helps relax the muscles in both the prostate and bladder. This makes it easier to urinate and generally improves a BPH patient’s quality of life.

If you’ve been prescribed Flomax, though, there are some practical things that you’re probably curious about.

For example: After you take your benign prostatic hyperplasia meds, how long does it take Flomax to work?

Will you feel relief sooner or later? Are there long-term benefits that come with Flomax, too?

We’ll answer these questions and more in this helpful article.

What Is Flomax—And What Is It Used For?

Flomax (tamsulosin) is a targeted therapy that can help manage the symptoms of BPH very effectively.

Symptoms of BPH, or an enlarged prostate, include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Urgent urination
  • Difficulty starting urination
  • A weak urine stream
  • Dribbling
  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • Intermittency—or a urine flow that stops and starts unpredictably during urination.

These symptoms can range from frustrating to painful to dangerous. People with BPH know that relief is required, stat, before they can begin to enjoy a normal quality of life.

Luckily, tamsulosin can provide effective and speedy relief.

What Is Flomax (Tamsulosin)?

Flomax’s active ingredient, tamsulosin, is classified as an alpha-blocker medication. It works by relaxing the muscles in the bladder neck and prostate, which gives affected individuals more control over their urine flow. It can also help reduce the urgency of urination.

When people are prescribed Flomax, they’ll take one tablet once per day—with the same meal daily, if possible. If you’re thinking about taking Flomax, your doctor will want to work with you to find the best therapeutic dosage for you and your symptoms.

How Much Does Flomax Cost?

In the United States, patients who pay full price for their brand Flomax may pay as much as $350.00 for 30 capsules. (That’s about $11.50 per capsule.) Since Flomax is a medication that you need to take every single day, that amount will add up fast.

If you’re interested in saving up to 86%, you can buy your Flomax through Here, you can buy the same 30 capsules of brand-name Flomax for about $45.00, or $1.50 per capsule, and the generic is far less expensive.

Additional Uses of Flomax

In some cases, Flomax may be able to provide relief for conditions other than BPH. For example, people who are dealing with the passage of a kidney stone may be able to take Flomax to relax the muscles in their urinary tract and, eventually, pass their stone.

How Quickly Does Flomax Start Working?

Need to start treatment for BPH symptoms?

If you’re dealing with any of the challenges we listed above, you know that the clock is ticking. You need relief fast.

We’ve got good news: Usually, when patients begin taking Flomax for BPH symptoms, they start noticing improvements in their health pretty quickly. Anecdotally, many patients report at least some relief within the first week of being on Flomax. This will look like experiencing a decrease in the frequency and urgency of urination.

Detailed Timeline for Flomax Efficacy: Understanding How Quickly Symptoms Improve

But that general answer might not be enough. Wondering how long it takes for Flomax to work?

Here’s what you can expect within a few general ranges of time:

  • Within the first 24 hours, you might not feel immediate relief—but Flomax is working, anyway. Right away, as soon as there’s tamsulosin in your blood, it should start relaxing your prostate and muscles. (You might just not feel it, yet.)

  • By the end of your first week on Flomax, you may realize that you’re not needing to urinate as frequently. You may also feel less urgency when you do have to urinate. The effects may be subtle, though, so, pro tip: Start some kind of log or journal to give yourself the opportunity to see how Flomax is working for you.

  • After you’ve been taking Flomax for about a month, the drug should have reached a good level of effectiveness for you. At this time, most people will experience significant relief from their previous symptoms. (Realizing this can be surprisingly difficult, as the ramp up can be gradual, so keep that journal to have the best chance of seeing your improvements as they come!)

    If you get to this point and you haven’t yet experienced your sought-after benefits, talk to your doctor. They may be able to help you increase your dose, brainstorm a strategy going forward, or even help you consider another more effective prescription prostate medication.

However, that’s not the case for everyone. As you’re beginning your course of medication, you need to have realistic expectations. Flomax can take up to a month to be as effective as possible for you.

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Factors Influencing How Quickly Flomax Works

The amount of time it takes you and your body to respond to Flomax may vary depending on several factors. These factors include:

  • Your age. Older adults can metabolize medications a bit more slowly than younger people. This can slow down the rapidity of Flomax’s effects.
  • Your body weight. How much body mass you have can influence the way you absorb and process medications. In some cases, weighing more can cause a bit of a delayed effect.
  • Your overall health. If you have any medical conditions aside from BPH, that can have an impact on how quickly Flomax will work for you—especially if your concomitant condition is something that affects your kidney or your liver.

When your doctor is assessing your BPH and helping you determine a viable treatment plan, they’ll bring all of this into consideration. After you start taking Flomax, if you have any concerns, bring them up to your doctor.

If you need something that works a little more quickly, they may be able to help you find a good option.

What to Expect From Long-Term Treatment with Flomax

BPH is a chronic condition. People who are dealing with it will need to find a long-term treatment solution.

Flomax can be that solution, but you need to be aware of what side effects can come with long-term exposure to tamsulosin (and what your doctor will want you to do to make sure your treatment is consistently effective).

For example, your doctor will want you to be aware of your symptoms on a regular basis. If Flomax initially alleviated urinary frequency and urgency, great—but, as your body gets used to the medication, did those benefits continue over time? Are you exhibiting any unwanted side effects of Flomax (more on that in a minute), or have you developed any other conditions that could affect your Flomax use?

Your doctor may also want you to perform blood work on a regular basis (say, yearly) to ensure that Flomax isn’t causing any invisible fluctuations in your hormone or mineral levels that you should know about.

When you start taking Flomax, you’re likely committing to years of regular check-ups with your doctor. This isn’t a bad thing, and, in fact, it should be beneficial for you and your overall health; but it is something to be aware of.

Why It’s Recommended to Take Flomax at Night

If you’re interested in managing the symptoms of BPH as effectively as possible, taking Flomax at night can be a good way to achieve your goals.

Specifically taking Flomax at night can help you:

  • Reduce any risk of side effects. Tamsulosin can cause lightheadedness and dizziness, especially if you’re getting up quickly. If you take the medication at night, it’s less likely that this dizziness will affect your day-to-day activities.
  • Enjoy enhanced relaxation when it’s helpful. Since tamsulosin helps relax the prostate and bladder muscles, you’ll have to urinate less frequently—and, during the night, this can help avoid interruptions in your sleep. This will improve your overall health and quality of life.

Not only are these benefits convenient in and of themselves, they’ll make it more likely that you’ll keep taking your medication on a regular basis. Because this is the case, your doctor will very likely recommend that you take your Flomax in the evening.

The Pharmacokinetics of Flomax: Why Take Flomax at Bedtime?

Is there a reason Flomax is best taken at night?

The underlying mechanisms behind why Flomax’s symptoms tend to stay at bay if you take it right before you sleep are as follows:

  • Absorption and activation. After you take Flomax, it takes about 4-5 hours for tamsulosin to reach peak levels in your bloodstream. That’s about when you’ll feel the heaviest symptoms (weakness and dizziness). If you’re asleep when you reach maximum concentration, that’ll help you skip over the worst side effects.
  • Elimination. If you take Flomax on a regular basis — daily — you should constantly take in enough Flomax to keep your blood levels consistent, even as your body processes and eliminates previous doses. Flomax stays in your body for about two days after dosage. Taking Flomax every night before bed will help you keep optimal blood levels of the medication at all times, without any fluctuations that could cause or aggravate Flomax’s side effects.

Common and Serious Side Effects of Flomax

Flomax, like every prescription prostate medication, comes with a range of side effects. For the most part, these side effects should be most apparent when you first start taking the medication. Any effects you feel will then taper off as your body gets used to the medication.

Common side effects of Flomax include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nasal congestion
  • Mild headaches
  • Feeling tired or sleepy

In some rare cases, Flomax can have serious side effects, too. These may include severe drops in blood pressure (or hypotension), as well as painful, prolonged erections (e.g., priapism). Priapism can lead to permanent damage, if it goes untreated. Flomax may also cause severe allergic reactions that could include swelling, skin rashes, or even difficulty breathing.

When these side effects occur, don’t discount them. Pay attention to them. Through them, your body is trying to tell you something.

If your side effects are mild, talk to your doctor. They may be able to help you determine how much longer you should expect the side effects to persist, or help you figure out ways to mitigate the side effects so they’re less disruptive to you and your daily life.

If your side effects are severe, find the help you need at once. Difficulty breathing may merit a trip to urgent care, as could an allergic reaction or rash that appears suddenly or swells. Talk to your doctor about these as well. Your doctor will be able to help you trace the cause of your side effects and help you make decisions about your future use of Flomax.

How Long Should You Take Flomax?

The short answer is simple:

You should take Flomax for as long as your doctor recommends—assuming that it doesn’t cause you painful or dangerous side effects. Usually, people take it long-term, if it’s a good solution for them.

If you do need to stop taking Flomax, don’t just discontinue it on your own. That can, paradoxically, make side effects even worse for a bit—or lead to dangerous health outcomes. To stop taking the drug effectively and safely, your doctor might ask you to take gradually reduced doses over time.

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