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How Much Does Herpes Medication Cost? (+ Best Price Options)

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October 11, 2022
Herpes Medication

Herpes viruses are more common than you think.

The World Health Organization estimates that around 67% of people globally have been infected with HSV-1 (the virus that causes herpes).

But herpes medication can be expensive for American patients.

As a result, patients living in the United States are increasingly turning to international and online Canada pharmacy sites like to obtain their prescriptions at an affordable price.

But exactly how much does herpes medication cost, and how can you get your prescriptions cheaper online?

Let’s discuss how to save up to 88% on the best medicines for herpes – and which medications are best in which circumstances.

How Much Does Herpes Medication Cost?

Herpes treatment costs in America range from around $260.00 for a five-gram tube of Zovirax (a 4-day supply) to over $600.00 for a three-week supply of Valtrex.

In contrast, by using an international or Canadian online pharmacy, patients can get the same 5-gram tube of Zovirax for around $26.00, and can expect to pay around $227.00 for the same 3-week supply of Valtrex.

But every patient is different, and herpes medications come in different forms and dosages.

Let’s take a deep dive into the different types of herpes medications, their cost and how you can save money by buying them online through an international or reputable online Canadian drugstore.

Herpes Medications, Costs, Side Effects, and More

Zovirax and Valtrex aren’t the only herpes medications on the market.

Herpes medications come in different forms and dosages and are used differently by different patients.

This means costs will vary, depending on the type of medication, whether it’s generic or brand-name, and your dosage instructions.

Let’s take a look at the top-selling herpes meds available through to see how you can save big on herpes meds online.

Valtrex: Herpes Treatment Cost + Details

Valtrex (valacyclovir) is an oral prescription antiviral medication.

Although Valtrex doesn’t specifically cure herpes, Valtrex can make the virus spread through the body a little more slowly.

When the herpes virus infects a cell, Valtrex can slow down the way herpes makes more copies of itself.

This can reduce the intensity or frequency of symptoms associated with herpes, such as cold sores, shingles, chickenpox, and genital herpes.

Recommended Valtrex dosage schedules differ widely, but most patients take Valtrex twice daily.

Herpes Medication

How Much Does Valtrex Herpes Medication Cost?

In the United States, 42 pills of Valtrex, or a three-week supply of this herpes treatment, retail for about $617.00, or approximately $14.70 per pill. (That’s close to $30.00 per day of treatment!)

American patients who buy Valtrex through an online Canadian pharmacy or international one instead save as much as 63%. For example, at, patients pay around $227.00 for the same three-week supply of Valtrex, or approximately $5.40 per pill.

Denavir Herpes Treatment Cost & Details

Denavir (penciclovir) is a topical antiviral cream that helps treat cold sores. Cold sores, or painful sores usually clustering around a patient’s mouth, are one of the more visible symptoms of herpes.

Although some over-the-counter herpes treatments can provide some relief from cold sores, prescription Denavir is one of the best topical treatments for getting rid of cold sores fast.

After applying Denavir to cold sores, the cream quickly absorbs into your skin, enters the herpes-infected cells, and prepares your body to attack the virus effectively. Denavir’s active ingredient, penciclovir, inserts itself directly into herpes viral DNA.

As a result, the herpes virus cannot replicate itself, which affects how quickly it can spread.

Denavir is not a cure for herpes, but it can help cold sores disappear much more quickly than they would on their own.

How Much Does Denavir Herpes Medication Cost?

In America, a 5g tube of Denavir costs $875.00. However, as this cream needs to be applied every two hours to heal cold sores as effectively as possible, that tube won’t last very long – approximately two weeks.

If you need Denavir on a regular basis, that cost probably will not work for your healthcare budget.

Now, compare the American retail price of about $175.00/gram to approximately $20.00/gram – the price of Denavir across the border, at Canadian pharmacies.

Here, patients in the United States can buy a six-gram tube of brand-name Denavir for approximately $116.00 (up to 88% savings).

Acyclovir: The Most Versatile Herpes Treatment (Cost & Details)

Acyclovir is the active ingredient in Zovirax, a popular brand of antiviral medications. Zovirax comes in many forms, giving patients some control over how they treat their symptoms.

Acyclovir works by entering the body (orally or topically) and targeting a specific viral enzyme called thymidine kinase. Without this enzyme, the herpes virus cannot replicate itself. Therefore, after taking Zovirax, patients should see a reduction in their symptoms, because the virus should have a reduced ability to spread through their bodies.

Zovirax, like Denavir and Valtrex, does not cure herpes. It also doesn’t prevent the infection from coming back, or necessarily guard against spreading herpes to other people.

These medications help sores heal, leading to a more pleasant experience as patients manage their herpes symptoms.

Acyclovir, valacyclovir, and penciclovir all work relatively similarly – by impeding the viral ability to replicate. The drug best for you and your symptoms will depend on your circumstances; one of these drugs isn’t objectively better than the other.

What you might prefer is different routes of administration.

Zovirax is one of the most versatile herpes meds online in this respect. We’ll discuss a few of its forms next.

Herpes Medication

Zovirax Cream Herpes Treatment Cost & Details

Zovirax Cream (acyclovir) is a topical cream that can reduce the duration and appearance of cold sores. It’s a man-made purine nucleoside analogue medication – which means that it stops viral replication by inserting itself into the DNA of the virus before shutting replication down.

How Much Does Zovirax Cream Herpes Medication Cost?

Brand-name Zovirax cream costs about $52.00 per gram in the United States. Patients in America will pay approximately $262.00 for a five-gram tube.

That amount may go fast, as you’ll need to apply Zovirax cream up to six times per day.

Instead, you can buy a four-gram tube of Zovirax cream through our online pharmacy website for around $37.00, or approximately $9.25 per gram (up to 82% savings).

If you prefer generic acyclovir cream, you can purchase that through as well. We sell a five-gram tube of acyclovir for about $26.00, or a little over $5.00 per gram.

Zovirax Herpes Treatment Cost & Details

Zovirax (acyclovir) also comes in an oral treatment. Patients digest the capsule and Zovirax enters their bloodstream after digestion. This takes a little longer than topical cream but can be preferable for people who would rather not deal with external treatment.

How Much Does Zovirax Herpes Medication Cost?

Zovirax can be difficult to find in the United States, as generic acyclovir is widely available.

This doesn’t mean that generic acyclovir is aalways a preferred substitute for Zovirax for all patients.

Generic medications usually differ from their brand-name counterparts at least slightly. Many doctors prefer prescribing brand-name medications because they’re known entities.

Other times, though rarely for most drugs, patients exhibit poor reactions to inactive buffer or filler ingredients in generics that aren’t present in brand-name meds. The vice versa can also be true in which the patient reacts more favorably to the generic over the brand. But generally, the effect is the same for most patients.

Regardless of the reason, if you require access to brand-name Zovirax, can provide it. Through our site, you can buy 100 pills of Zovirax for about $60.00, or around $0.60 per pill.

How long this lasts will depend on your doctor’s recommendations. Some people take Zovirax twice per day. Others require five daily doses of this herpes treatment.

If you prefer generic acyclovir, you can buy it through for major savings. You can buy 100 pills of acyclovir for about $20.00 here, or approximately $0.20 per pill.

Zovirax Ointment Herpes Treatment Cost & Details

Zovirax Ointment (acyclovir) is often prescribed to manage the early stages of a herpes infection. If you can catch cold sores, lesions, or blisters as they form and apply this thick ointment, the sores should heal faster.

How Much Does Zovirax Ointment Herpes Medication Cost?

Through, you can buy a four-gram tube of Zovirax ointment for about $99.00, or just under $25.00 per gram.

Zovirax Eye Ointment Herpes Treatment Cost & Details

Zovirax Eye Ointment (acyclovir) is a specific treatment that helps with a version of herpes that inflames part of the patient’s eye, or herpes simplex keratitis. Without treatment, severe infections can result in significant corneal scarring or blindness – so getting proper medication is critical.

This ointment clings to a patient’s inflamed eye, providing relief and making the inflammation go away faster than it otherwise would.

How Much Does Zovirax Eye Ointment Herpes Medication Cost?

Through, patients in America and internationally can purchase a five-gram tube of generic acyclovir eye ointment for about $27.00, or around $5.40 per gram.

Herpes Medication

FAQ: How an International or Online Canadian Pharmacy Can Help You Save on the Best Herpes Meds

How Much Do Herpes Antivirals Cost?

The cost of herpes antivirals can vary widely. In this guide, we’ve discussed medications that cost anywhere from $200.00 - $800.00 (and up) for just a few weeks of treatment.

Fortunately, buying your medications through an international online pharmacy and Canadian drugs site can help you considerably reduce those costs.

American patients purchasing medications through our site save up to 90% on medications on a regular basis.

Can You Use Insurance if You’re Buying Herpes Meds Online?

You can usually use insurance if you’re buying herpes meds online. In some cases, this can help lower the cost considerably – even with the already-low prices available through international online pharmacies.

If you’re interested in working with your insurance company to cover the costs of your prescription medications, tell the customer service team at We’ll be happy to provide receipts or other required paperwork to help you initiate that process but first check with your insurance provider whether they will reimburse you for purchases made outside of your country.

Can You Buy Over-The-Counter Herpes Medications Online?

You can buy over-the-counter herpes medications online.

Common herpes over-the-counter meds include:

Abreva is specifically for cold sore treatment. So before you use these OTC medications, make sure your doctor approves of your planned usage.

Is it Safe to Buy the Best Medicine for Herpes Online?

It can be safe to buy the best medicine for herpes online, but you’ve got to know where to look – and who to trust.

Some online pharmacies can be sketchy, scammy, or even dangerous. That’s why it’s key to buy medications from an international or online Canadian pharmacy accredited by trustworthy third-party organizations.

For example, is accredited to sell prescription medications by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia.

Adherence to the high safety and security standards required by these two organizations are the platinum industry standard – and demonstrates how committed is to a high-quality and trustworthy customer experience.

Let’s Get You the Best Possible Herpes Treatment for the Lowest Cost

At, we aim to support your plan for your care as seamlessly as possible. International online pharmacies like ours can do more than just save you money.

We can give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your prescription medications, connect you with pharmacists and friendly call center representatives who genuinely care about your experience, and even ship your prescriptions straight to your front door.

Our call center operates seven days a week. You can reach it at 1-866-539-5330. Friendly service representatives will be able to help you check on an order or even help you place an order. Or, if you’re interested in speaking with a pharmacist, one is available Monday-Friday.

Check out our online pharmacy ratings if you’re interested in learning what it’s like to work with the most reviewed and highest rated online pharmacy in the world, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions whatsoever.

The team at is ready to help you find your much needed medications at an affordable price.

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