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April 2018 - Newsletter #1

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Shipping Times and Tracking at

At, we strive to provide our customers with affordable medications and quality customer service. We appreciate your patience and understanding that we do our best to expedite your order as fast as we possibly can but once it is shipped, factors outside of our control may mean your order will take a bit longer to arrive than we prefer.

We source most of our medication from outside of your country because it allows us to offer you some of the lowest prices possible for quality products. Due to the time required to arrive to the destination country and the customs clearance process, it takes more time to receive your medication from us when compared to other items you may order online that are shipped from inside your country to you.

Before your order is shipped, we need to verify and review your medical information, prescription/refills, payment, availability of stock and then route the order to the appropriate facility for shipping. The pharmacist at the facility that will ship the order will then perform a second check of your prescription. After this, your drugs will be picked from a stock room, labeled, checked again by a pharmacist to ensure you are getting the correct drug/dosage and then finally packed for shipping. We do our best to complete all this within 3 business days! Once your order is shipped, it takes approximately 8-18 business days to arrive to you.

We generally recommend placing an order when you still have one month of medication remaining in order to reduce the likelihood that you will run out of medication before your order arrives.

We have recently added a feature to our website that enables you to track the shipment of most orders. You will find more information here in our previous newsletter or on our FAQ’s page here at #16. We sincerely value your business and we hope that the savings are worth the wait. | Privacy Policy