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September 2021 - Newsletter #1

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“Basic Essential Medications ... Have Been in Short Supply for More Than a Year”

Our Dr. Brynna Connor recently shared her thoughts on restless sleep; the causes and treatments.

De-stress during the pandemic right here.

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The Harvard Business Review (HBR) reminds us all about drug shortages. In a recent article titled, “The US Needs to Reimagine Its Pharma Supply Chain”, HBR discusses various topics regarding drug shortages that our newsletter has previously delved into.

“The flaws in that [global drug supply] system were already taking their toll before Covid-19; the pandemic made shortages even more acute …”, says the HBR. For example, “… some basic essential medications and IV solutions that are used every day in emergency departments and outpatient clinics have been in short supply for more than a year.”

The article cites a key reason for this to be the reliance on overseas production and supply of the raw materials needed to produce drugs.

This is a worldwide problem and not just an American one. From the United States and Canada to Australia to Russia and beyond, drug shortages are a critical issue.

You Have an Advantage When It Comes to Prescription Drug Shortages customers have a distinct advantage during times of drug shortages because we have been sourcing products from our approved supply network, which spans several countries, for more than a decade. That way, if there is a shortage in one region for a medication you need, we are able to quickly shift to one or more of our approved suppliers in other regions to procure your vital prescription drugs and get them on their way to you.

… our customers … were able to get medications through while consumers elsewhere were in a scramble …

Since the pandemic began, many of our customers have experienced firsthand how they were able to get medications through while consumers elsewhere were in a scramble to get those same vital prescription drugs that were unavailable locally and everywhere else they checked. Our procurement team has been working hard to secure continuity and consistency in your medication supply since the pandemic began and we are grateful that these efforts have been paying off.

Our current supply is robust but there are still certain products that cannot be sourced anywhere at this time. We remain in regular communication with customers whose medications are not available, and we do our best to provide the reason for the shortage as well as the ETA.

Please Help Us Continue to Help You

Despite our robust sourcing capabilities, we remain vigilant and persistent in securing prescription drug supplies because things can and do change very quickly when manufacturing issues arise, transportation systems in the drug supply chain falter, or demand for products spikes in various parts of the world. So, we ask our customers to please order in advance. This gives us more time procure what might be difficult to source inventory and get it shipped to you well before you are going to run out of your supply at home.

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