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January 2019 - Newsletter #2

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Imagine Saving $22,000/year on Your Meds

"In 2 years alone, I spent over $50,000 on all of my medications. I felt like I was digging my own grave drowning in the debt that kept piling up."

That was the heart-wrenching state of affairs, Sarah K from Fairfax, Virginia, a customer, found herself in before she discovered But Sarah recently reports savings $22,000 per year by purchasing her prescription drugs through

Sarah now says, "… it allows me to stay healthy and live the best life I can, and the fact that I have been getting myself out of debt solely because of NorthWestPharmacy has given me so much hope and makes me feel like I am reclaiming my life back." We feel incredibly privileged and honored to be a part of Sarah’s story. It’s the thousands of compelling stories like hers and yours that remind us why we do what we do.

It is well-known that special interest groups representing big pharmaceutical companies use misleading statements and advertising to suggest that prescription drugs sold outside of the USA are unsafe. But, Sarah K's personal experience and yours proves that these life-saving and life-altering medicines can be acquired safely and affordably.

To view Sarah's full story and others', visit the Meet Our Patients section.

Sarah K.
Sarah K from Fairfax, Virginia

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