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November 2021 - Newsletter #4

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Just About Everyone Wants Lower Drug Prices; So What’s Stopping Genuine Action?

Don’t miss the latest from our Dr. Brynna Connor on restless leg syndrome, leg cramps and superfoods that promote gut health.

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We recently explained why we are concerned that Big Pharma could raise drug prices this coming January more than they previously have.

With that in mind, and the seemingly relentless price increases from drug makers every year in the USA, it is little surprise the public wants lower drug prices. In fact, in a recent poll, “[l]arge majorities supported the idea of Medicare negotiating with pharmaceutical firms to get lower prices for both its beneficiaries and people with private insurance: 83% overall, including 95% of Democrats, 82% of independents and 71% of Republicans. ”That’s according to a recent article titled, "Public Opinion Is Unified on Lowering Drug Prices. Why Are Leaders Settling for Less?", which is featured in Kaiser Health News.

Here is a spoiler alert for those who plan to read the article: one key reason is aggressive lobbying by Big Pharma.

For a good summary of the what Kaiser Health News calls a “meager” step toward lower drug prices that politicians are touting with respect to current Medicare drug price negotiations, we invite you to check out the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation’s analysis. After reading it, it is not surprising that they continue to urge politicians to recognize that personal prescription drug importation from certified Canadian pharmacies is something that “offers Americans the immediate savings they need and a guarantee of safe medication.”

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