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August 2021 - Newsletter #2

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Please forward our new digital booklet to your friends and family who may want to save money on their prescription drugs. A larger customer base grows our volume buying power and reduces our cost of overhead per customer to help keep costs lower for everyone. We sincerely appreciate your continued support!

We are more than halfway through 2021 so we wanted to provide customers with a summary of what we’ve been focusing on through our newsletters so far this year.

We began 2021 with U.S. Big Pharma raising drug prices at a “torrid pace”. At the same time, the issue of international drug shortages loomed large and so much so that governments began importing drugs from other countries to help avert a shortage crisis, which we suggested left them a step behind our customers who have been safely importing their personal prescription drugs for many years. We also reported on why delivery times were slower than normal in early 2021 during one of the worst surges of the pandemic.

Fortunately, delivery times have dramatically improved since then and are almost back to normal, helped in significant part by our implementation of new logistics streams which reduced delivery times on some 70% of our shipments. We were also able to successfully navigate the worldwide drug shortages that occurred earlier in the year and are now happy to report that the availability of most prescription drugs our customers order from us have stabilized.

Yet, the issue of rising drug prices in the United States is something that has not been resolved. In fact, we reported that drug prices rose at more than double the rate of inflation in 2020 alone and that Americans pay triple to quadruple the price for the same brand-name drugs that people in other countries pay. We also provided the reasons why schemes to bulk import Canadian drugs, as currently being proposed by politicians, aren’t expected to save consumers any money.

We’ve been encouraging our customers to order well in advance because there is significant pressure on international drug prices as well, and not just the prices at pharmacies in the United States. We’ve explained how a combination of skyrocketing freight rates, eye-popping raw material costs and U.S. dollar weakness is pushing prices up. They’re some of the reasons we paused sending out the coupon codes we used to distribute through our newsletter.

We also warned customers about fake drugs and fake reviews across the internet. That’s also why we expressed our gratitude toward our customers for providing more than 400,000 online pharmacy reviews of It allows us to showcase the savings, safety and service we do our best to deliver to you every day and it makes it easier for your prospective fellow customers to avoid the bad actors who aren’t able to do the same.

Finally, our Healthcare Ambassador, Dr. Brynna Connor has been providing her healthy insights throughout the year in’s Ask the Doctor feature while our acclaimed digital magazine, Health Perch, has been serving up fun to read pieces on the latest in health, wellness and beauty.

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