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April 2020 - Newsletter #7

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Out of Stock Products

Two of the key fulfillment centers from which orders are dispensed and shipped from have just re-opened after being closed for several weeks due to government-imposed lockdowns designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Though air transport serving those facilities is currently sporadic and limited, we are cautiously optimistic this will get better if the number of coronavirus infections remain under control.

In fact, we've never in the history of our business seen so many products unavailable without estimated re-stock dates.

Their additional supply capabilities will be incredibly helpful because there are numerous product lines that are currently difficult to source worldwide. In fact, we’ve never in the history of our business seen so many products unavailable without estimated re-stock dates. Every day brings a list of newly out of stock or difficult to source items.

We’ve provided the reasons for this in some of our previous newsletters which you can access below, but complicating factors involve the reduced factory production of pharmaceuticals and the challenges in transporting available drugs during a time when most of the world’s aircraft have been grounded.

That’s why our team has been working around the clock to obtain inventory to fill customer orders and secure air transport in order to get that inventory to you. Albeit at higher costs than normal, our efforts have been quite successful, which you can read about in the links below.

Yet we also remind customers about the significant challenges we still face, which ultimately mean that current delivery times far exceed our normal delivery times.

We encourage customers who may need medications in the coming months to place their orders now and those whose pending orders await shipping to keep their orders active and in the queue, which ensures they are locked in at the original price quoted at the time of placing the order. That's beneficial to you because we've absorbed most of the coronavirus-related increases in product acquisition costs that we've faced to date but may be unable to do so for much longer. Also, the limited pharmaceutical supply, available cargo space for transport and customs clearances will all be allocated to customers on a first-come-first-served basis and it may be quite some time before worldwide drug supply and delivery systems return to normal. Until such time, orders are no longer being billed at the time they are placed. We will hold your billing information but you won't be billed until your order is dispensed by our pharmacists and ready to be shipped. But, if for any reason you are unable to wait, you can cancel and you won't be billed for any item that has not been shipped.

For more information on the impact of the coronavirus on the delivery of your affordable prescription drugs, we encourage you to read the following: is one of the largest and most established online pharmacies providing lower cost medications from abroad to customers worldwide. No competitor offering lower cost pharmaceuticals from abroad can match our supply and delivery capacity during this difficult time so please rest assured we are leveraging all our capacity to ensure orders reach customers as fast as possible in the circumstances.

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