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September 2021 - Newsletter #3

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Plan to Address High Drug Prices “Misses the Mark”

We published a recent newsletter about some essential medications in short supply. Now, groups in the EU are warning about rheumatology drug shortages.

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The current US Administration’s plan to combat high drug prices “misses the mark”, according to the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI), a national non-profit patient advocacy organization that fights for Americans’ access to safe, affordable prescription medications from Canada for personal use.

‘… this plan gets prescription importation wrong and misses the only immediate source of safe and affordable medicines …’

Jack Pfeiffer, CPPI’s Executive Director was recently quoted as saying, ‘[w]hile we applaud the Biden Administration’s efforts to lower prescription drug prices, this plan gets prescription importation wrong and misses the only immediate source of safe and affordable medicines: allowing Americans to import for personal use’.

Instead of protecting the type of safe and affordable personal prescription drug importation that millions of Americans already do from international and Canadian online pharmacies, like, the Administration’s plan calls for the federal government to “work with states and tribes to support wholesale drug importation programs from Canadian sources”, according to the CPPI press release.

The CPPI aptly criticizes such wholesale drug importation:

State and tribal wholesale importation programs require extensive requirements that add layers of bureaucracy and complicated supply chains that will take years to design and implement before any Americans can access imported medicines. These state wholesale importation programs also add pricey middlemen that cut into patients’ proposed savings. Furthermore, Canadian regulatory restrictions, federal approval, and legal challenges remain obstacles for state wholesale importation programs to become operational.

On this latter point, avid readers of our newsletter may recall that we made a similar critique and explained why wholesale importation plans simply won’t work in our recent newsletter titled, “Wholesale Importation of Canadian Drugs: Real Savings for Americans or Just More Politics?

We concluded that newsletter by noting that, “it is disappointing to many of our customers that so many politicians are chasing these apparently doomed bulk importation schemes while missing out on the opportunity to facilitate personal prescription drug importation by Americans, through initiatives like stopping credit card brands from preventing Americans from using their credit cards when buying drugs from legitimate certified online pharmacies outside of the United States at lower prices.”

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