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March 2021 - Newsletter #3

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Survey on Canadian Prescription Drug Importation by Americans Highlights Facts You Might Find Interesting

Unfortunately, experts report that the problems with drug shortages "aren't going away", making it important to place your orders well in advance.

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The Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation recently sponsored an article to draw awareness to the results of their new survey of Americans who import Canadian drugs. The not-for-profit organization's article has been published in more than 1000 news outlets across the United States recently and it reveals some interesting facts.

Big Savings, Bogus Big Pharma Schemes and Trusted Medical Professionals Referring Patients

The average consumer surveyed saves $2,736 a year by ordering from certified online Canadian pharmacies.

Eighty percent also say they know how to identify "rogue" pharmacies and "felt savvy about their ability to find a trustworthy online pharmacy." That's remarkable given how much money Big Pharma and their chain drugstore allies are spending to spread misinformation across the internet and elsewhere to conflate legitimate Canadian International Pharmacy Association certified online Canadian pharmacies with no-prescription rogue online pharmacies that often peddle falsified, substandard and counterfeit drug products and also misappropriate consumer personal and financial information. Big Pharma's blitz of misleading websites and other schemes attempt to scare consumers into paying their increasing exorbitant prices for prescription drugs in the United States even though the same drugs are available from Canada and elsewhere for much less.

Yet it seems doctors and loved ones are genuinely looking out for those who have come to import Canada's drugs as the article reports that 62% of survey respondents "were referred [to a Canadian pharmacy] by a trusted medical professional, friend or family member."

Requested by Doctors, Available for Your Friends and Family

Nearly half of our customers are referred to by a healthcare professional and we have thousands of customers who are themselves doctors, physician assistants, dentists, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists and physical therapists who order their and their family's own personal prescriptions from us. Healthcare professionals trust, so can you.

Physicians in the United States have been requesting a digital booklet from us which outlines the savings, safety and service they've experienced for themselves so they can easily and electronically distribute it to their patients who find it challenging to afford their medications locally. We've now loaded that digital booklet to our website. Please check it out and please share it with your friends and family too! You can do so by copying the link to it or by using the share button at the top right hand corner of the booklet.

We really appreciate your confidence in and support of and believe we can save your loved ones a significant amount of money. We will provide them with the savings, safety and service you've come to expect from us.

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