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September 2023 - Newsletter # 1

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The Number One Comment We Get from Customers

Could you do us a small favour? Please forward our digital booklet or website link to your friends, family and physicians who may know someone who wants to save money on their prescription drugs. A larger customer base grows our volume buying power, gives us priority access to medication inventories globally to assist with procurement and delivery timelines, and it reduces our cost of overhead per customer to help keep costs lower for everyone. We appreciate your support!

The most frequent comment we get from our customers is that they wish our delivery times were faster. But did you know that we do everything in our power to get you your medications as quickly as possible?

Before your order is shipped, we need to verify and review your medical information, prescription/refills, payment, availability of stock and then route the order to the appropriate facility for shipping. The pharmacist at the facility that will ship the order will then perform a second check of your prescription. After this, your drugs will be picked from a stock room, labeled, checked again by the pharmacist to ensure you are getting the correct drug/dosage and then finally packed for shipping. We do our best to complete all this within 3 business days! It then takes about 8-18 business days in transit for the mail system to deliver your order.

We understand that when you order products from web-based companies in the USA, your packages arrive very quickly which is why we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding that our parcels are shipped to you from outside the United States and therefore take longer to be delivered. Every single day millions of parcels coming into the USA have to clear U.S. Customs and this can take some time. Parcels shipped from within the USA don't have to go through the border control procedures and thus arrive sooner. By shipping your orders from places located outside the USA, you benefit from lower pricing than what American pharmacies charge. We trust the savings is worth the wait!

Why Doesn't Use Private Couriers like Fedex or UPS to Deliver Parcels to the United States Faster?

So why doesn't just express courier parcels from private couriers like Fedex or UPS to expedite delivery?

… private courier services refuse to accept prescription drug parcels being shipped from foreign pharmacies to consumers in the United States.

The first problem is the cost of doing so is very expensive. For most orders, the courier fee alone would exceed $75. We'd still offer that as an option to those who want expedited delivery if we could but the second, and insurmountable challenge, is that private courier companies refuse to accept prescription drug parcels being shipped from foreign pharmacies to consumers in the United States. This policy arose out of private couriers being prosecuted in relation to the delivery of addictive controlled substances to consumers who were ordering them without a valid prescriptions from illicit websites some years ago in the United States. It's unfortunate because these prohibitive policies are broadly overreaching and misguided when applied to customers of reputable online pharmacies, like, which help people acquire more affordable maintenance medications with a valid doctor's prescription and do not even offer any controlled drugs whatsoever.

If there was anything we could do to get your packages to you faster, we would do so.

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