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Why is Bystolic So Expensive & How to Get it Cheaper

high drug prices

June 27, 2023

Bystolic, an effective hypertension drug, costs American patients thousands of dollars per year. Why is this the case? And, if you require this beta blocker medication, do you have options other than paying big bills at the pharmacy counter?

As it turns out, you do.

More and more Americans are choosing to buy their prescription medications from Canadian pharmacies. Why is that?

It’s simple, really: Buying meds from online, international drugstores can be simple, safe, and cost-effective. This is particularly relevant when you’re processing sticker shock after discovering how much Bystolic costs.

Why is Bystolic So Expensive?

Bystolic (nebivolol) is a prescription medication that can help treat hypertension.

As nearly half of American adults have hypertension, it’s a drug that fulfills an extremely prevalent need.

Bystolic works by blocking beta receptors to regulate the body’s response to adrenaline – which is why you may also hear Bystolic referred to as a beta blocker.

After regulating the body’s response to adrenaline, Bystolic reduces how hard the human heart needs to work, relaxes heart rate, and can also assist with managing anxiety symptoms (which often go hand in hand with a chronic pounding heart rate).

Bystolic is effective. As noted above, there’s clearly a high demand. And American drug pricing is legendarily sky-high. None of this bodes well for reasonable Bystolic prices.

How Much Does Bystolic Cost? (+How to Save)

In America, a one-month supply of Bystolic might cost as much as $230.00 for thirty tablets, or around $7.60 per dose.

While that’s not as expensive as some prescription medications, in one year, you’ll spend nearly $3,000.00 on this chronic medication for the brand name version.

That may not be enough to meet your insurance deductible, if you have insurance in America, which means regardless of your coverage, you’re paying that much out of pocket – year in, year out.

Or, of course, you could buy your Bystolic through an online and international Canadian pharmacy.

Here, you can buy brand-name Bystolic starting at about $100.00 for 30 tablets, or about $3.00 per tablet – a savings of up to 60%.

Why is Bystolic So Expensive? Five Simple Reasons

That amount of savings is excellent. But why is it necessary?

Drug prices, including costs for Bystolic, are very high in America. That’s not likely to change anytime soon. There are several factors that go into high drug costs in the States, including:

  1. R&D. The extensive process of researching and developing a drug is, well, extensive. It takes years, as well as hiring people with specific expertise, specialized facilities, and significant material resources.

  2. Limited competition. Although there are other beta blockers and prescription hypertension treatments, Bystolic is a specific type of beta blocker (a selective beta-1 receptor antagonist unique in the beta blocker category).

    It also produces fewer side effects than alternatives. This makes Bystolic a sought-after option.

  3. Patent protections. Generally, while a brand-name drug’s patent is still in place, the manufacturer or patent holder can charge what they want for the drug (since generics cannot be made until the patent expires).

    Bystolic’s last patent expired in December of 2021, but by then, Bystolic had a firm hold in the market – allowing its price to remain high on the strength of its reputation.

  4. Marketing. Pharmaceutical companies spend an incredible (and growing!) amount of money on marketing and advertising. These companies want to make sure they recoup that investment, so they price their products to make sure they see a profit and huge one at that.

    Again, pharmaceutical companies don’t want to be ultimately responsible for these costs – so they pass them down to the consumer.

Sometimes, insurance can help. If you’re an American with great insurance coverage, you may be tempted to click out of this guide.


Insurance coverage of prescription medications, especially expensive ones, is notoriously unreliable. Your insurer could remove Bystolic from its list of covered medications at any time – or decide, apropos of nothing (except for cost considerations) that another cheaper beta blocker will take Bystolic’s place on the formulary (or list of covered meds).

And, of course, you need to factor in your ability to remain covered. In America, healthcare is tied to employment. Your employer could switch your plan at any time, impacting your coverage…or you could need to switch jobs and cease coverage for some period of time. Finally, your insurance copay may even exceed the cash from and internet pharmacy in Canada or internationally.

To ensure you can access your required hypertension meds, it’s in your best interest to make sure you have an alternative way to access high-quality, low-cost prescription medications.

One route you could take is simple: Purchasing generic Bystolic.


Nebivolol vs. Bystolic: A Buyer’s Guide

Wondering what the differences are between brand-name Bystolic and generic nebivolol? Here’s what to look for:

  1. Efficacy. Since both medications leverage the same active ingredient, nebivolol, they accomplish the same function within your body.

    However, the two medications may be available in slightly different dosages and strengths, which can affect your experience with the drug.

  2. Cost. The most significant difference between these two medications is the price. As a generic medication, nebivolol is significantly cheaper than brand-name Bystolic.

    (Through, you can buy a 100-day supply of generic nebivolol for about $50.00.)

    However, generic and brand medications aren’t precisely the same, and you may be unable to make that swap without repercussions. It’s essential to have access to affordably-priced generic and brand medications.

  3. Availability. Brand-name Bystolic may be relatively easy to find, but generic could be less so. You’ll need to check to make sure your pharmacy offers generic nebivolol before assuming you can buy generic as a cost-saving strategy.

Interested in buying Bystolic (or generic nebivolol) without spending $3,000.00 per year on your hypertension? We’ve got you covered.

Ways to Buy Bystolic for Less

Here are a few methods to consider, if you’re looking for a way to fit Bystolic in your budget.

  1. First, consider seeing whether nebivolol will work for you. Talk with your doctor; they’ll have experience recommending generic or brand medications to people with your condition. For most patients, nebivolol will work for them exactly as Bystolic did – and if you try nebivolol out and it works, that can be a good way to reduce costs.
  2. See if you’re eligible for assistance. The manufacturer of Bystolic has a savings program open for certain patients. Talk to your doctor to see if you’re eligible. This can help lower costs, but, as we discussed above with insurance coverage, it could be subject to program termination at any time and the copay may exceed the cash price of the drug from Canada or abroad.
  3. Do some comparison shopping. Did you know that the price of medications varies from pharmacy to pharmacy? Now you know. It could be worth taking some time to visit the various pharmacies in your region to see if you can find one that reliably prices their drugs a little lower than the others.
  4. Order from a mail-order pharmacy. If driving around to different pharmacies near you sounds exhausting – we get it! – then consider purchasing your meds online, instead. Today’s best online pharmacies include easy price checkers and transparent pricing structures, so you don’t need to talk to anyone when you’re researching.

If you’re interested in saving time, money, and stress, international drugstores and Canadian pharmacies are worth checking out.

But we know that buying meds online and internationally can be confusing. Here’s an FAQ that should help.

Buying Bystolic from a Canadian Pharmacy FAQ

These are some of the most commonly asked questions we get at our online Canadian drugstore and international pharmacy website.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, check out our dedicated FAQ page, or click here to speak with a friendly representative from our team.

Are Medications from Online Canadian Pharmacies Safe?

Yes, medications from select online Canadian pharmacies are safe.

For Canadian pharmacies, online or otherwise, to maintain their certification in Canada, they must meet all standards for safe medications from Health Canada (Canada’s regulatory health authority) and their provincial pharmacy regulator. The Canadian pharmacies we use to fill our orders meet these standards.

That’s not all. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) keeps a close eye on online, international drugstores to ensure they follow all applicable safety standards.

If you’re considering buying medication from a licensed, CIPA-certified Canadian pharmacy, you can rest assured that you’re buying a safe product.

How Can I Find a Reputable Canadian Pharmacy?

A great place to start your search is the CIPA website. CIPA maintains a short list – just about 70 pharmacies – that meet all of their high standards.

If you’re interested, you can also ask your doctor if they have any recommendations for you.

Can My U.S. Doctor Write a Prescription for a Canadian Pharmacy?

The short answer: Yes. You can ask your doctor to write a new, valid prescription for the medications you need, and then have your doctor send that prescription directly to your online Canadian pharmacy of choice. (Alternatively, you can upload a copy of your prescription to the pharmacy’s website.)

Technically, Canadian pharmacies can only accept prescriptions issued by Canadian healthcare providers. However, the best online Canadian pharmacies to order from arrange to have US prescriptions and patient files and secondarily reviewed by a Canadian physician so the pharmacy in Canada can dispense them.

This allows you to buy meds online from Canada and ensures another skilled healthcare provider reviews your case – a definite added safety perk.

How Can I Compare Prices to Find the Lowest Bystolic Costs?

To compare prices effectively, you’ll need to find an online pharmacy that lists its prices very transparently – for example, in easy-to-navigate drop-down menus on the product page.

If you can find that information easily, all you need to do is pull up prescription medication product pages, select your dose, and see the prices.

For example, on Bystolic’s page, we can see that a 30-pill supply costs around $100.00. You can use that information to find your lowest available price for this hypertension medication.

How Much Can I Save by Buying Bystolic from a Canadian Pharmacy?

The amount you can save by purchasing your meds, including Bystolic, from a Canadian pharmacy or international drugstore depends heavily on how much your medications initially cost.

We’ve seen our American customers save up to 90% on expensive brand-name prescription medications.

Since we’re able to offer brand-name Bystolic for around $3.00 per tablet, instead of over $7.50 per tablet (its cost in the States), by buying your Bystolic here, you’d save up to 60%.


Interested in Buying Reliably Low-Cost Bystolic? Start Here

If you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension, you’ve got a lot of homework to do. First, you need to figure out which medication works well for your lifestyle and symptoms. Then, you’ve got to consider implementing lifestyle changes.

And, of course, you’ve got to decide how you will afford your required medications.

In America, prescription medications, including Bystolic, are very expensive. This can make facilitating your care or even determining which medication you need in the first place extremely difficult.

Here, at, we help Americans access reliably low-cost prescription medications. We’re CIPA-approved, we have a seven-day-a-week customer service team, and we have pharmacists ready to answer any questions you may have about your required medications.

Interested in learning more? Check out our FAQ, or peruse our organized offerings.

Have a question, or want to place your order over the phone? Call our team at 1-866-539-5330.

When you’re ready to order your brand-name Bystolic, is happy to provide the support you need.

The information provided on the website is intended to facilitate awareness about healthcare products and medical conditions generally but it is not a substitute for professional medical attention or advice. You should always speak with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking any prescription or non-prescription drug.
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