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June 2022 - Newsletter #1

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American Pharmacists and Wholesalers Can Import Canadian Drugs: Will This Really Lower High Drug Prices?

Experts worldwide are warning about current and coming drug shortages. Learn more here and what you can do stay a step ahead.

Big Pharma’s dystopian DRUGS Act is designed to eliminate your access to affordable drugs from licensed Canadian and international pharmacies. Here are the politicians supporting it.

The publication Axios was one of the first to report that the FDA has just approved a two-year program that permits American pharmacists and wholesalers to bulk import prescription drugs from Canada into the United States as part of state-sponsored proposals -- touted by both Democratic and Republican politicians -- to bring down prescription drug costs. But the Axios article notes that, “experts view the policy as having limited impact” on U.S. prescription drug prices for consumers. The reasons that U.S. consumers are not expected to benefit have been explained in detail in our past newsletters.

In our July 2021 newsletter titled, “Wholesale Importation of Canadian Drugs: Real Savings for Americans or Just More Politics?”, we stated:

Canadian drug wholesalers have confirmed they won’t bulk ship Canadian drugs to American wholesalers or pharmacies and simply won’t participate in these schemes while the Canadian government has already stated that they will block the export of these drugs. This should be of little surprise as nobody can truly expect Big Pharma companies to ramp up Canada’s prescription drugs supply only to have these lower priced drugs sold back to Americans for less than the current U.S. prices, especially when Big Pharma has and continues to actively frustrate the supply of Canadian drugs by Canadian pharmacies to Americans, as widely reported in the media in the past and as directly experienced by us to this very day.

Our October 2021 newsletter, “New Canadian Regulations Will Prevent Bulk Export of RX Drugs to USA”, informed our customers that the Canadian government brought into force regulations to prohibit the wholesale export of any drug that could cause or aggravate a drug shortage in Canada. According to the Government of Canada, this was enacted to specifically ‘help safeguard the Canadian drug supply by ensuring that bulk importation frameworks, such as the one recently established by the United States, do not cause or exacerbate a drug shortage in Canada’.

The refusal to participate by the very parties needed to make wholesale quantities of Canadian drugs to the United States a reality -- Canadian drug wholesalers, drugmakers and the Canadian government -- appears to be no impediment to the U.S. politicians pressing the current scheme forward, even though the U.S. Administration has itself argued in legal briefs that it won’t work. Simply put, Canada does not have enough drugs to supply the American market through bulk exports so Canadian drug wholesalers have little interest in selling out their inventory to a foreign market and leaving their longstanding Canadian pharmacy customers without medicines, only to have their government and their suppliers (the drugmakers) come down hard on them.

Putting aside the political grandstanding and gimmickry of wholesale drug importation proposals, for more than two decades, millions of shrewd consumers like you have directly purchased affordable medications for personal use through international and certified Canadian online pharmacies, like That’s why it is disappointing to many of our customers that so many politicians are chasing these apparently doomed bulk importation schemes while missing out on the opportunity to facilitate what already saves Americans substantial sums of money on their prescription drugs -- personal prescription drug importation. A simple law prohibiting credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard from blocking the ability of Americans to use their credit cards at certified international online pharmacy sites would go a long way to helping Americans to access safe and affordable drugs without the spectre of draining another country’s drug supply which could result in that country blocking America’s access altogether.

Unworkable wholesale drug import schemes are a key reason that the American not-for-profit and non-partisan advocacy group, the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation, says the U.S. Administration’s plan to purportedly combat high drug prices, “misses the mark”.

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