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April 2022 - Newsletter #1

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Big Increase in RX Savings for Americans in 2021 through Prescription Drug Importation

Get the latest right here on Big Pharma’s DRUGS Act, which is designed to eliminate your access to affordable drugs from licensed Canadian and international pharmacies, including Take 90 seconds with this tool that will automatically send your objection to your Senators and member of Congress and help stop this terrible law from being passed.

The Campaign for Prescription Importation (CPPI), a U.S. national non-profit patient advocacy organization that fights for Americans’ access to safe, affordable prescription medications from abroad for personal use, has recently released the results of its annual survey of Americans who import their prescription drugs. It reveals some very interesting facts.

Americans reported a significant increase in average annual savings in 2021 from prescription drug importation -- more than $1,000 a year higher than in 2020. The 2020 CPPI survey reported an average savings of $2736 but in the most recent 2021 survey, Americans reported an average yearly savings of a whopping $3744, which works out to $312 a month!

Here are some other key facts from the survey:

  • 59% of surveyed Americans who import their prescriptions report being referred by a trusted medical professional, friend or family member
  • 77% of survey respondents know how to identify “rogue” pharmacies and are savvy in their search to find an online pharmacy they can trust
  • 94% report no concerns at all with the medication they are currently ordering from outside the USA
  • 98% would recommend importing medication to their family and friends

On the heels of the proposed dystopian legislation, the DRUGS Act, which is sponsored by the Big Pharma lobby and designed to eliminate safe and affordable prescription drug importation for Americans, it is encouraging to see that 96% of those surveyed say the issue of high drug prices will affect how they vote. We hope this will send a strong message to the legislators backing this terrible bill so we urge you to take 90 seconds of your time to tell your elected representatives to SAY NO to the DRUGS Act using this simple tool that will automatically write a letter to them for you.

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