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January 2021 - Newsletter #4

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Big Pharma to Hike Drug Prices Up to 10%

Our Dr. Brynna Connor dishes up on whether the three most popular diets really work. It's great reading for anyone who plans on dieting to lose weight.

"[D]rug price hikes in 2021, including those planned for January 1 [in the USA], on more than 300 drugs, will drive increased prescription importation." That's according to the Campaign for Prescription Importation (CPPI) and it is based on reports from a healthcare research firm and announcements from the leading drug makers.

… this is "[j]ust the beginning of price increases for 2021" …

More concerning still is that the CPPI's executive director, Jack Pfeiffer, says this is "[j]ust the beginning of price increases for 2021" while "[t]he price of drugs in America has increased faster than most other goods and services. Since 2014, drug prices have increased by 33%, outpacing price increases for any other commodity or service."

CPPI cites a study which estimates 2.3 million Americans import their prescription medications as of 2020. Mr. Pfeiffer predicts that continued drug price increases in 2021 will drive even more consumers to certified and licensed Canadian online pharmacies where he notes that many of the same drugs are available at a savings of 50-90% less than the leading discount online pharmacy sites in the United States.

… international pharmacies are also facing pricing pressures.

While international online pharmacies, like, are expected to remain vastly more competitively priced on a wide array of pharmaceuticals, the CPPI didn't mention the fact that international pharmacies are also facing pricing pressures. As previously reported in our newsletter, imported drug prices are expected to rise due to the weakness in the U.S. dollar which is compounded by a jump in the cost of raw materials for producing drugs as operational and transportation costs of drug makers also soar.

All of this is further complicated by the pandemic-related U.S. and international drug shortages as well as the export bans we have previously advised customers about in our newsletters. In fact, “[fi]fty-eight percent of respondents to a CPPI short survey taken between April and May 2020, said that their access to prescription medication has been impacted by COVID-19.”

Get Ahead of Price Increases, Drug Shortages and Export Bans

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