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April 2021 - Newsletter #3

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More Good News About Delivery Times!

Prescription drug shortages "have increased sharply"; stay ahead of them by ordering early.

Rising drug prices are causing significant distress to many so if you know anyone who might benefit from the prescription drug cost savings we offer, please share our new digital booklet with them. We sincerely appreciate your support!

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The 2020 year ended with extended delivery times due to pandemic-related logistics challenges, but this improved dramatically by January 2021 and has improved further since then.

What are the Current Delivery Times?

For orders shipped in February 2021, the average delivery times are two to three and a half weeks. What’s more is that outliers -- which are orders that exceed the average delivery time range by more than a week -- have become rarer among orders shipped in February.

This is a significant improvement from the last three months of 2020 when delivery times were impacted by a further reduction of passenger flights -- on which parcels are transported to their destination -- which was compounded by massive package volumes entering the United States during the holiday season and related customs clearance delays, as well as capacity challenges faced by USPS in the throes of the recent surge of the pandemic.

While current delivery times are still longer than they were prior to the pandemic, we remain mindful that we are still in the midst of new coronavirus variants that have resulted in lockdowns, travel bans and reduced flight schedules internationally which makes it challenging to get orders delivered faster than we currently are.

Yet our current delivery times are now close to what they were prior to the pandemic due in significant part to our implementation of new logistics streams which have reduced delivery times on some 70% of our shipments.

We are Keeping You Informed

We regularly update the disclosures on our website with the latest information we have in order to inform customers of expected delivery times and the reasons for them on the order checkout screens. We make similar changes in the call center disclosures provided when customers order over the phone or call in with questions about delivery. We obtain the consent of customers to the potential extended delivery time before taking orders from them so that they know what to expect. We follow up these disclosures with emails confirming the same and we also send regular newsletters to customers with additional information and updates.

Good news or bad, you'll get a forthright account of the situation from us.

Please be assured that is committed to providing you with open, transparent and detailed communications at all times, and especially during the most difficult of times. Good news or bad, you'll get a forthright account of the situation from us.

The truth is, we are doing everything in our power to get customer orders delivered as fast as possible. But we do not have control over governments, airlines, postal systems or when this pandemic will come to an end. To the customers who have experienced the unfortunate delays and resulting frustration that have come with the pandemic, please know that our team members share your frustration because all we want is to get you safe and affordable drugs as fast as can be. Thankfully, today’s newsletter continues the good news about delivery times which we hope will carry forward as we all work together to overcome the effects of the pandemic that we have all had enough of.

Please Order Well in Advance

Please stay ahead of possible future delivery slowdowns, the sharp increase in drug shortages and drug prices during this pandemic while export bans, logistics disruptions and lockdowns exacerbate the various challenges in the movement of goods and the procurement of inventories. The best thing you can do to help secure timely delivery of your medications at the current prices is to order well in advance. This gives us and delivery systems more time, if necessary, to get your order to you well before you are going to run out of your supply at home. We encourage customers who may need medications in the coming months to place their orders now.

With more than 375,000 customer reviews, is the most reviewed and independently five-star rated online pharmacy in the world providing discount prescription drugs from abroad to customers worldwide. Nobody offering safe and affordable pharmaceuticals from abroad can match our supply and delivery capacity during this difficult time so please be assured we continue to successfully deliver orders to customers as we have done since the beginning of the pandemic.

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