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September 2020 - Newsletter #7

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Please Pay Attention to Drug Shortages as Covid-19 Accelerates

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This Isn't Marketing; it is Important Information

Some customers may think the information we provide in our newsletters about the factors that impact their supply of prescription drugs due to the pandemic is marketing information designed to stimulate sales. As skeptical consumers ourselves, we can appreciate why people might be inclined to believe this.

But that is not the case at all. Most of our business comes from orders for long-term prescription maintenance medicines which are typically ordered on a regular schedule by our customers. We have not convinced customers to buy these drugs; their physicians have. Sooner or later, most will come back to order their refills so long as we continue to provide the savings, safety and service our customers deserve and have come to expect from us. Whether a customer orders now or waits a little while does not really impact our sales.

… we tend to report factors affecting prescription drug supply, pricing and delivery logistics before the media does because our direct experience often means we are the first to know.

Our notices about the various factors affecting the supply and delivery of prescription drugs worldwide are for the benefit of customers so they can plan ahead. We do not want our customers to be in a position where the cost of drugs, the procurement of inventory, or delivery times could be more negatively impacted than they already are today and we believe it is our duty to diligently inform customers of the risk of this happening, especially in light of the accelerating Covid-19 infections in countries where drugs are manufactured and from regions where we source medications from.

The information we provide comes from our extensive direct experience in procuring prescription drugs and arranging delivery logistics. We keep an eye on the media to see if they are reporting matters that validate our direct experience and we provide those articles to you as links. Those who regularly follow our newsletters since the pandemic began can attest that we tend to report factors affecting prescription drug supply, pricing and delivery logistics before the media does because our direct experience often means we are the first to know.

The Concern that Drug Shortages Will Spike With the Rising Covid-19 Infection Rates

Leading general practice physicians in the United Kingdom just issued a letter to their government requesting changes in laws so that pharmacists can make alterations to prescriptions when filling them in order to help deal with the rampant drug shortages caused by the coronavirus crisis. The shortages are something that pharmacists in the UK have been raising alarm bells about for months and these shortages have led to over 200 drugs being put on an export ban from the UK. This is concerning because we source medications from the UK to supply our customers. Also concerning is what impact the current spike in Covid-19 infections in the UK could have on procurement from the UK in the coming weeks and months.

Current drug shortages are not confined to any one region of the world and they include the United States.

Current drug shortages are not confined to any one region of the world and they include the United States. Covid-19-related shocks to integrated pharmaceutical production systems affecting the United States have led to serious concerns being expressed by drug manufacturers, the American Medical Association, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Congress, the mass media, such as the Wall Street Journal, and other publications for healthcare professionals.

In Canada, pharmacist surveys confirm much of the same while leading doctors and pharmacists have gone on record to warn that the shortages "could … imperil lives." Some have gone on the television news to report prescription drug shortages, 'across the board'. Of course, we supply customers many of their vital medicines from Canada and have observed the same thing.

Developing nations are also suffering from prescription drug shortages too. By way of example, there are protests over cancer drug shortages in Mexico while half of the most commonly used drugs to treat mental illness were out of stock in South Africa during the month of August. Though we do not source medicines from those regions, it is nonetheless concerning and representative of what is happening in other countries.

Get Ahead of Drug Shortages, the Impending Holiday Delivery Delays and Price Increases

As a customer of, you have a distinct advantage during times of drug shortages as a result of our exceptional ability to procure difficult to source products through our expansive worldwide network of licensed, vetted and trusted suppliers and the good news is that has been successfully taking, processing and delivering affordable prescription drugs throughout the entire coronavirus crisis and continues to do so.

But please don't ignore recent newsletters explaining what happens if your medication is out of stock when you place an order, the impending delivery delays with USPS as the holiday season approaches and the increasing raw material, operating and transport costs to manufacture prescription drugs which could raise drug prices. With all this in mind, please plan a head so you are not in a scramble to get your medications. If you need your medication in the coming months, we recommend ordering now.

With more than 375,000 customer reviews, is the most reviewed and independently five-star rated online pharmacy in the world providing lower cost medications from abroad to customers worldwide. Nobody offering safe and affordable pharmaceuticals from abroad can match our supply and delivery capacity during this difficult time so please be assured we are successfully leveraging all our capacity and ensuring orders reach customers as fast as possible in the circumstances.

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