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June 2020 - Newsletter #3

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The Number of People Without Health Insurance is Rising to Epic Levels: This U.S. State is Hit Hardest

See our important previous newsletters with the latest on delivery times, prescription drug shortages and wholesaler rationing, and the significant milestone reached during the coronavirus crisis.

We previously reported that a whopping nearly one out of every four people in the United States could end up without health insurance as result of job losses arising out of the coronavirus crisis.

While the epic numbers of people suffering a loss of health insurance are in all states, one state is hit especially hard. That state is Texas.

"… more than 1 million Texans have likely suffered the double whammy of losing their jobs and their employer-based health insurance"

According to a recent article in the Texas Tribune, approximately five million Texans did not have health insurance prior to the coronavirus pandemic which made it the state with the highest uninsured rate before the pandemic. "With the U.S. economy flailing as the country contends with the coronavirus pandemic, more than 1 million Texans have likely suffered the double whammy of losing their jobs and their employer-based health insurance", say the authors of the article. That would mean there are approximately 6 million people without health insurance in Texas at this point of the pandemic, which is approximately 20% of the state's population.

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If you have not already done so, we invite you to watch the movie. Helping people who are going through difficult circumstances to achieve outcomes like the one featured in the movie is what motivates us to be passionate about our work every day and make sure you keep getting the savings, safety and service you rightfully expect from

So, if you know anyone who might need more affordable prescription drugs during these difficult times, whether in Texas or any other state, please forward this email to them. We're always here to help.

A Doctor to Help Make Your Healthcare Dollars Go as Far as Possible: Meet Dr. Brynna Connor

For those who need a family doctor who is sensitive to the cost of prescription drugs and healthcare generally, we would like to introduce you to Dr. Brynna Connor. Dr. Connor operates two clinics based in the Austin, Texas area and provides telemedicine services to residents of Texas and Illinois.

Dr. Brynna Connor

Dr. Brynna Connor

Dr. Connor pays attention to the patient's insurance and financial situation and confirms that she "advocates for and assists patients in making their healthcare dollars go as far as possible." But Dr. Connor tells patients in advance that she does not offer a high-volume rubber stamped online prescribing service. Rather, she provides real healthcare, the way it should be - highly personalized, thorough and with attention to detail.

If someone you know is looking for a physician and they reside in Texas or Illinois, check out Dr. Connor's website and her recent interview with to learn more about her refreshing approach to patient care.

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