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October 2021 - Newsletter #2

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These Superfoods Help Your Gut Work the Way It’s Supposed To

As the holiday season approaches each year, mail systems and customs often get backlogged, which can extend delivery times, and especially so during the pandemic. Please order well in advance.

Prescription drug shortages internationally are “predicted to worsen”. Get the latest and what it means for you.

An advocacy group supporting personal prescription drug importation says the U.S. Administration’s plan to combat high drug prices “misses the mark”.

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Do you know someone who suffers from GERD/acid reflux, sensitive gut or IBS, celiac disease or other digestive system problems?

“… regularly eating nutrient-packed superfoods helps your gut work the way it’s supposed to.”

In her latest article, our Dr. Brynna Connor, Healthcare Ambassador at, says “the food you eat also plays a big role in when and how often these symptoms come up. Eating some hard-to-digest or less nutritious foods can lead to frequent digestive issues. On the other hand, regularly eating nutrient-packed superfoods helps your gut work the way it’s supposed to.”

Dr. Connor’s latest article, “Superfoods Part 6: Foods that Promote Gut Health”, discusses what you should eat.

Superfoods Part 6

Dr. Connor regularly shares her insights on various health and wellness matters in our Ask the Doctor feature.

Licensed to practice medicine in both Texas and Illinois, Dr. Connor is Board-certified in family medicine and she practices anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She is a member of the Texas Academy of Family Practice, the American Academy of Family Practice, the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, the Texas Medical Association, and she has been a pioneer in telemedicine since 2014.

Dr. Brynna Connor
Dr. Brynna Connor

We encourage you to seek Dr. Connor's views about health and wellness matters through our Ask the Doctor feature by asking her to write an article about a topic that you think will be of interest to the public. If a topic in your email is selected by Dr. Connor, she will write an article about it and it will be posted to the Ask the Doctor section of our website. There is no cost to you whatsoever and your name and other contact details will not be revealed.

Due to the volume of requests received, Dr. Connor is not able to write an article in response to every email received so we apologize in advance if your email is not selected for an article write up. Please note that Dr. Connor writes health-related articles suggested by our customers but does not provide patient-specific medical advice or prescriptions through Ask the Doctor. Residents of Texas and Illinois can contact Dr. Connor's clinic directly to learn more about becoming her patient if they would like personalized medical attention from Dr. Connor.

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