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May 2020 - Newsletter #8

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Up to 43 Million More Americans Could Lose Health Insurance - We Can Help

See our latest important newsletter on the delivery of orders here and the latest on the impact of raw material shortages on the production of prescription drugs due to COVID-19 here.

Researchers estimate a staggering 43 million Americans could lose their health insurance as a result of job losses arising out of the coronavirus crisis, according to a recent article in the Guardian newspaper. That's in addition to the more than 30 million who previously didn't have health insurance in the United States. 73 million people represent a whopping nearly one out of every four people in the country who could be without health insurance.

One health crisis - the coronavirus - has caused an economic crisis which could severely magnify the crisis of healthcare affordability to jeopardize the wellbeing of tens of millions of additional people unless they can access more affordable healthcare options.

For more than a decade, has made it possible for those without prescription drug coverage or those with high deductibles, cost-ineffective copays and donut hole coverage gaps, to afford their prescribed medications. Hundreds of thousands of compelling true stories are proof that the savings at typically exceed 50% and are often more than 80% on prescription drugs.

If you have not already done so, we invite you to watch the movie. Helping people who are going through difficult circumstances to achieve outcomes like the one featured in the movie is what motivates us to be passionate about our work every day and make sure you keep getting the savings, safety and service you rightfully expect from

So, if you know anyone who might need more affordable prescription drugs during these difficult times, please forward this email to them. We're always here to help.

Telemedicine Doctors Who Help Make Your Healthcare Dollars Go as Far as Possible: Meet Dr. Brynna Connor

Having a physician who enables you to get the most out of your healthcare spending is critical and especially so when times are tough. Since many people are concerned about attending a physician's office during the time of COVID-19, it is also helpful if your doctor can provide you with care remotely, whenever feasible.

The big telemedicine providers can frustrate affordability because, as we previously reported, many of them won't provide you a prescription to be filled at lower cost outside the USA.

The good news is that most doctors who have been practicing face-to-face medicine are sensitive to the fact that patients need to acquire affordable drugs from us and many of them are also providing telemedicine services. We know because thousands of physicians and their families purchase their own personal prescription drugs from and many thousands more refer their patients to every year.

We'd like to introduce you to one of them, Dr. Brynna Connor. Dr. Connor is a Texas-based physician who has been providing telemedicine services long before the novel coronavirus crisis - since 2014 - as part of her family medicine practice.

Dr. Brynna Connor

Dr. Brynna Connor

Dr. Connor tells us, "it's pretty interesting to see how many conditions can be addressed by telemedicine. It opens up access for people."

We interviewed Dr. Connor recently and she explained her approach to the practice of medicine which she brings to her telemedicine consultations. She aims to provide cutting-edge medicine and proactive health solutions to people of all ages through unrushed appointments that do a deep dive into each patient's specific medical conditions and overall health. Telemedicine appointments with Dr. Connor are comprehensive and often last more than an hour unless the patient is only seeking acute care. For those who have had trouble getting to the root causes of a complex medical condition, Dr. Connor considers herself a medical detective and she's "been called a bird dog when it comes to solving creative problems."

Dr. Connor tells us, "it's pretty interesting to see how many conditions can be addressed by telemedicine. It opens up access for people." She notes that while there are some limitations, she is able to provide telemedicine consults for a vast range of issues like depression, anxiety, hypertension, urinary tract infections, influenza, asthma, erectile dysfunction, wellness-based preventative medicine (including Covid-19 prevention) and many more. She and her team even coordinate getting any necessary lab work done with the patient. Dr. Connor tells patients in advance that she does not offer a high-volume rubber stamped online prescribing service. She provides real healthcare, the way it should be - highly personalized, thorough and with attention to detail.

… she is "impressed with the quality of care provided by" and that our "service is far more cost-effective and personal than big box drugstores - to put it mildly."

Dr. Connor also pays attention to the patient's insurance and financial situation. She confirms that she "advocates for and assists patients in making their healthcare dollars go as far as possible" and this is included in her consults. She is incredibly concerned about the high cost of drugs in the United States. In fact, Dr. Connor has been recommending patients use for several years. We positively blushed when she told us that she is "impressed with the quality of care provided by" and that our "service is far more cost-effective and personal than big box drugstores - to put it mildly."

Dr. Connor is licensed in both Texas and Illinois so is providing telemedicine consultations to residents of both states. If you or someone you know is looking for a physician and reside in either of these states, check out Dr. Connor's website and her refreshing approach to patient care. Her clinic can provide you with details regarding the cost of her services if you call or email them.

Connecting Our Customers with Telemedicine Doctors is keenly aware that there are patients looking for high quality telemedicine providers like Dr. Connor in other states too. If you are a physician providing telemedicine services and are also concerned about the high cost of prescription drugs, please email us at We'd like to hear from you and possibly provide your practice as a resource to the more than 825,000 people who receive this newsletter. If you are a patient and your doctor is providing you with high quality telemedicine services, please forward this newsletter to them and ask them to get in touch with us.

We know patients are struggling to see doctors and doctors are struggling to see patients these days. We're happy to help doctors and patients connect to advance people's health. We do not expect any compensation from physicians to be featured in our newsletter, any website resource section or any free-of-charge service we may create that is designed to connect patients with physicians providing telemedicine services and there is no requirement to have a prescription filled through us. We respect the patient's right to choose their prescription drug provider.

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