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January 2021 - Newsletter #5

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Who Is Far Ahead of Governments When It Comes to Prescription Drug Importation? Hint: It's You

In case you missed it, see our last newsletter to learn what all is pushing drug prices up.

On the heels of their previous report which revealed that "the [prescription drug] supply chain will be extremely vulnerable in the upcoming months of the pandemic", the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) has surveyed several national governments about how they are managing drug shortages.

Interestingly, CIDRAP says:

To address drug shortages, 20 countries had simplified regulatory procedures, especially related to the importation, marketing authorization, and dispensing of drugs procured on the world market. Nations also allowed exceptions to package labeling requirements. [Emphasis added.]
Governments are finally doing exactly what most of our customers have figured out on their own long ago while saving themselves a significant amount of money in the process!

It is interesting because our customers import drugs procured on the world market when they buy through The pandemic and the rampant drug shortages it is causing has prompted governments to look abroad to source medications. Governments are finally doing exactly what most of our customers have figured out on their own long ago while saving themselves a significant amount of money in the process!

Worldwide Drug Shortages Have Experts Calling for the Global Perspective You Already Have

Co-principal investigator for the Resilient Drug Supply Project, Stephen W. Schondelmeyer, PharmD, PhD, tells CIDRAP that "a global approach makes sense":

"'The end user shortages are critical … but when you look for root causes in the upstream supply chain like we're trying to do for the United States, you quickly realize the source of most drug shortages is a global issue[;] … a shortage may occur in one country because one or a few countries bought all of the available supply, suddenly leaving other countries without needed drugs.'"

In fact, earlier in the pandemic, we reported just one of many examples on this, in which the Canadian government was in a scramble to supply patients with a critical thyroid drug that is unavailable due to a national shortage, while customers benefitted from an uninterrupted supply of it because we source products from our trusted and vetted supply network that spans several countries. If there is a shortage in one region for a medication you need, we are typically able to quickly shift to one or more of our approved suppliers in other regions to procure your vital prescription drugs and get them on their way to you. Our global solution to your safe drug sourcing and affordable drug pricing reflects your global perspective in choosing to buy through

How to Stay Ahead of Drug Shortages, Export Bans and Price Increases

U.S. and international drug shortages can be complicated by the national export bans we have previously advised customers about in our newsletters. Logistics disruptions and lockdowns also exacerbate challenges in acquiring inventories worldwide as the next wave of the pandemic continues to aggressively spread.

Big Pharma is raising drug prices in the United States by up to 10% while imported drug prices are expected to rise due to the weakness in the U.S. dollar. All of this is compounded by a jump in the cost of raw materials for producing drugs as operational and transportation costs of drug makers also soar.

The best thing you can do to help secure inventory for your medications at the current prices is to order well in advance. This gives us more time, if necessary, to procure what might be difficult to source inventory and get it shipped to you well before you are going to run out of your supply at home. We encourage customers who may need medications in the coming months to place their orders now.

With more than 375,000 customer reviews, is the most reviewed and independently five-star rated online pharmacy in the world providing lower cost medications from abroad to customers worldwide. Nobody offering safe and affordable pharmaceuticals from abroad can match our supply and delivery capacity during this difficult time so please be assured we continue to successfully deliver orders to customers as we have done since the beginning of the pandemic.

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